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Airline seriously damages precious viol after charging musicians $240 at check-in

A precious string instrument has been seriously damaged, after being taken aboard a United Airlines flight.

Classic FM

This Is What Climate Change Sounds Like

Scientists and artists hope the emotional power of music will help move people to act on the climate crisis.

The New York Times

Does Music Impair Creativity?

People who listen to music while they write may be doing more harm than good.

Psychology Today

Comment créer une musique qui fait peur ?

La musique stridente de « Psychose», la tension croissante de « Les Dents de la Mer», le thème implacable de « Halloween » : les films d’horreurs possèdent une identité sonore incontournable. Mais comment créer une musique anxiogène qui nous donne la chair de poule ?

France Musique

Why Everything Is Getting Louder

The earliest noise complaint in history also concerns a bad night’s sleep. The 4,000-year-old Epic of Gilgamesh recounts how one of the gods, unable to sleep through humanity’s racket and presumably a little cranky, opts “to exterminate mankind.”

The Atlantic

Where should you sit for the best sound at an orchestra concert?

At $21, the cheapest seats in Heinz Hall, Downtown, home of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, are high up in the Gallery, high at the top of the balcony where the air is thin and the stage is but a distant splotch of color and motion. And believe it or not, these are also the best of the hall’s 2,675 seats.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

What Makes Music Enjoyable? It’s Complex, But Measurable

What’s your favorite music? According to scientists, the song that you have on repeat is probably both predictable and unpredictable at the same time.


How scary music makes movies scarier

Imagine the 1973 horror movie "The Exorcist" without its ominous score. Would "Psycho" be the same without Bernard Herrmann's music? It's no surprise that a good scare and a good score go hand-in-hand.

CBS News

Tendez l'oreille ! Est-il possible de surjouer en musique ?

Tout comme les acteurs qui surjouent, les musiciens peuvent tomber dans le dramatique à l'excès... mais au fond est-ce bien grave ? Petit panorama de ces musiciens, compositeurs et interprètes, qui en font trop, à grand renfort de fins de symphonies spectaculaires et de rubatos.

France Musique

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