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Now computers are writing perfectly acceptable pop songs

"Ugh," my dad used to grunt when I switched on Radio 1 . "This music sounds like it was written by a computer".


John Philip Sousa Feared ‘The Menace of Mechanical Music’

That’s why he foresaw our age of earbuds and the CDs, eight-tracks and records that came before it. And he wasn’t on board for any of it.


La saga des droits du Boléro de Ravel

Les Paradise Papers révèlent que la saga des droits d’auteur de Maurice Ravel passe encore et toujours par les paradis fiscaux : Les Pays-Bas et l'île de Malte.

France Musique

Music 33,000 Feet Above

How does one kill time on board a transcontinental flight? Some are determined to sleep over. Some keep watching movies until get tired and fall asleep.


Think You Can't Sing? Science Doesn't Believe You

I’m tone deaf. I can’t sing. It’s usually accompanied by a smile or laugh, but the message is both clear and absolute. And wrong.

Ludwing Van Toronto

'There Seems to Be a Target on the Back on the Live Music Community'

Deadly attacks have turned concert venues in Paris, Manchester, and Las Vegas into grisly battlefields.

Pacific Standard

Classical and Jazz musicians show different brain responses to unexpected events

Scientists at Wesleyan University have used electroencephalography to uncover differences in how the brains of Classical and Jazz musicians react to an unexpected chord progression.


20 Classical Music Recordings to Help You Study

Nowadays, even if you have the right environment for studying, notifications from our phones and computers go off every minute. Ideally, you need a steady stream of sound that isn’t distracting, but also more intellectually stimulating than white noise or flowing water.


Why Do We Use Italian Words to Describe Music?

Even if you don’t know how to read music, there’s no doubt you’ve encountered loads of Italian during your musical experiences.


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