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Un jeune sur deux écoute de la musique à des niveaux nuisibles

Environ 50% des jeunes de 12 à 35 ans, soit 1,1 milliard de personnes, risquent à terme de souffrir de pertes auditives en raison « d'une exposition prolongée et excessive à des sons forts », selon l'Organisation mondiale de la santé (OMS).

Futura Sciences

Enjoying classical music: how reading influences our hearing

A recent study puts the influence of a composer's prestige on the evaluation of classical music into perspective and shows that the enjoyment of music is promoted by lively texts.

Medical Xpress

The environmental impact of music: digital, records, CDs analysed

Although streaming remains the most popular way people listen to music, old formats like cassettes and vinyl have both seen an increase in sales.

The Conversation

Remembering the Dining Fad of 'Pizza and Pipes'

Theater organs, or “unit orchestras,” were designed in the era of silent films as a cost-saving measure to include the variety of sounds and instruments required by the score, so that one musician could be paid instead of many.

City Lab

Can Mozart Survive #MeToo?

Mozart’s operas seem to glorify the behavior of bad men. But listen closely.


Les plus belles pochettes de disques de 2018

Certains disques ont marqué l'année autant par leur puissance d'évocation que par les images qu'ils ont figé dans notre rétine. Voici donc une sélection des quinze plus belles pochettes d'albums de 2018.

Les InRocks

The Best New Music Festival Is in 'Minecraft'

Fire Festival—a Minecraft-specific goof on the ill-fated Fyre Festival—took place on January 12th and 13th in the wildly popular, block-building video game Minecraft, spearheaded by the 21-year-old music producer Max Schramp, aka Sleepycatt.


How Many Songwriters Does It Take To Write A Hit?

When it comes to writing top 10 hits, it appears that the more songwriters you have, the better.


How Music is Maximizing Your Productivity

Listening to music has been a crucial part of our global culture development since the beginning of time. We listen to music to celebrate, to mourn, to run and to improve our mood. But have you ever tried listening to music for productivity?

Music Think Tank

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