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Musique et cerveau : le vrai du faux

Du fameux "effet Mozart" à l'oreille absolue, les effets de la musique sur le cerveau, attestés par les chercheurs, souffrent de nombreux a priori.

France Musique

‘Musical Paralysis’ is a load of bollocks; loads of people never bothered finding new music in the first place

A new report claims that music fans stop discovering new music at the age of thirty and six months.


Walk over, Beethoven

The survival of live classical music depends on many things, not the least of which is the design and urban planning around concert halls.

Public Square

Loud music at restaurants could be leading you to order burgers over salads

Noisy restaurants are a source of perennial complaints, but it’s not just diners’ ears that are affected — it’s their waistlines, too.

The Washington Post

Musique animale

Un point sur les fantasmes et les réalités d’une musique animale.

France Musique

Sharks love jazz but are stumped by classical

It has been thought that sharks have learned to associate the sound of a boat engine with food, because food is often thrown from tourist boats to attract sharks to cage-diving expeditions – the study shows that they can learn these associations quickly.

The Guardian

Music Makes Surgery Less Scary and Painful, and There's 30 Years of Research to Back That Up

The studies, which collectively involved more than 7,000 patients, were published between 1980 and 2016 and compared patients’ perceptions of their anxiety and pain to a control group.


How music can fight prejudice

New research from Portugal finds youngsters feel more positively toward members of an ethnic minority if they have learned songs from their culture.

Pacific Standard

Why Are Pop Stars Trying to Be Performance Artists?

In the past several decades, performance art—or at least the evocation of “performance art”—has somewhat unexpectedly wormed its way into popular music.

The New Yorker

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