The Pointy End

A Study on Meter and Rhyme

Language that is metrically regular to an unusual degree is not only found in poetry, but also in the language of rites and festive events, in preverbal infant-directed speech (IDS), in slogans, commercial ads, etc.


Dvořák's Symphony No.9 is actually the power behind viral hit Baby Shark

We need to talk about the viral ear worm of 2018 (but from a uniquely Czech symphonic perspective).

Classic FM

The golden age of anonymous music

Some of the greatest film music of the 20th century came from readymade stock albums recorded by virtually anonymous musicians.


Les mystérieux archets de la rue de Rome

À Paris, la rue de Rome est un endroit mythique pour les musiciens, au même titre que la Tin Pan Alley ou la 42e Rue à New York.


The rise and fall of pirate radio station WBAD

In the mid-’90s, the internet was just starting to turn into a mass medium. There were no podcasts, and nobody had heard of internet radio. So it was a heyday for FM “pirate radio.”


The link between music and productivity

Most professionals like listening to music at work and are more productive when they do, a new survey shows.

HRM Asia

Why Music and Fiction Work Well Together

There is an inherent problem about writing fiction that concerns another art form – especially if you’re claiming that your fictional artist has real talent, or is exceptionally good at what he or she does does.


Quand la musique devient souffrance

C’est sans doute le mal le plus handicapant pour un musicien : l’acouphène, ce sifflement continu dans l’oreille. Aujourd’hui, le milieu prend de plus en plus conscience des dangers liés au son.


How to Visit (Some of) the World’s Best Music Cities

In 1975, UNESCO’s International Music Council named October 1 International Music Day to celebrate the enduring art, and to encourage peace and friendship among nations—which also happens to be a goal that travel can accomplish well.

National Geographic

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