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For Snowboarders, the Music Matters as Much as the Gear

At the Olympic snowboard events, the party-like atmosphere includes dance music booming in the background and loud gasps of “ooooh” and “ahhhh” from the lively crowds responding to every high-flying trick.

The New York Times

“The internet is a devastating wasteland”: How social media could be making musicians sick

Making and sharing music has never been more accessible than it is right now. Even as listeners, we know this: we can get our music on Bandcamp and SoundCloud, no major labels required.

FACT Magazine

Vinification musicale: au son du tanin

La musique ne fait pas qu’adoucir les mœurs : elle bonifierait aussi le vin.


Hidden tracks: the unreleased music from major stars we may never hear

News of ‘mind-blowing’ Prince music on the way isn’t the first time rumors of posthumous unheard songs have been teased from beyond the grave.

The Guardian

Do the Marleys Have an Unfair Advantage at the Grammys?

Jamaica is this cool place on the world map that is hardly visible, but everyone knows of the little rock because of its musical legacy.

Pop Matters

Jazz and Classical Pianists Use Their Brains Differently

Great minds don’t necessarily think alike when tinkling the ivories.

Atlas Obscura

Perhaps music really is a universal language

New research finds we can often identify a song's intended purpose, even when it's a product of a distant culture.

Pacific Standard

Why Do Orchestras Seem to Play Behind the Beat?

If someone ever criticizes you for being slightly off the mark or slow to react, tell them you’re modeling your actions after those in professional orchestras.


Why Is the Orchestra Seated That Way? An Explanation

Why don’t the oboes and tubas sit in the front of the orchestra? Why don’t flutes and first violins swap positions, or — in what would be the coolest configuration, let’s be honest — bass trombones and contrabassoons sit right up front with the conductor? Why is there even a conductor at all?


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