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Mobile disco: how phones make music inescapable

Annoyed by music blaring out of tinny mobile phone speakers? You're showing your age.

The Guardian

What is the Fibonacci Sequence – and why is it the secret to musical greatness?

Geniuses from Mozart to Leonardo da Vinci have used the Fibonacci Sequence. But what is it and why does it make great music?

Classic FM

Don't look back in anger: did Britpop cause Brexit?

It’s a thesis doing the rounds – and is full of holes. But there’s no denying that Britpop’s nostalgia did make flag-waving nationalism more acceptable.

The Guardian

La facture instrumentale est-elle écologique ?

Espèces protégées et facture instrumentale est une histoire longue de plusieurs siècles. Les fabricants d'instruments sont-ils soucieux de la protection de l'environnement?

France Musique

Familiar music could give Alzheimer's patients a cognitive boost

Different parts of patients' brains were activated by music they'd heard before.


Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

All the people pictured on the cover.

The Telegraph

Did you know Mozart’s middle name isn’t really Amadeus?

Mozart was baptised as (deep breath)... Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart.

Classic FM

Myths and Facts: Caring for Your Voice during the Winter Months

Taking care of the voice or Vocal Hygiene can be thought of as the care and feeding of the voice.

Choral Net

La pochette d'album à l'ère de l'immatérialité musicale

Qu’elle soit matérielle ou strictement numérique, la pochette d’album s’inscrit inévitablement dans l’identité de marque de l’artiste.

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