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Yes, Pandemic Musical Parodies Are A Thing Now

Along with pandemic memes, musical parodies are the latest online thing you can share with friends to spread a smile.


Does music help us work better? It depends

The debate over whether we should be allowed to rock out at our desks has been raging for decades. Now science is providing some answers – and they’re not what you think.


Children’s music never broke through in China

When they became parents almost eight years ago, Shanghai-based Liu Jian and Rebecca Kanthor struggled to find quality music to play for their daughter. Down the YouTube rabbit-hole they went, discovering metal, pop, and more—all aimed at kids.


Quand la crise du coronavirus inspire les musiciens et les compositeurs

Alors que le monde traverse l'épidémie de Covid-19, des musiciens partout dans le monde s'inspirent de la crise sanitaire pour nous offrir des moments musicaux tout à fait insolites !

France Musique

Best (Video) Games Based on Famous Bands

The authors of certain games usually want to send some sort of message through the game. More precisely, they usually invest some sort of emotion to make the game even more entertaining. More precisely, we are talking here about games based on famous bands.

Chart Attack

The Sydney Opera House Goes Quiet. Finally.

A renovation costing nearly $200 million has shut the famed theater for two years, the first closure in its history.

The New York Times

Europeans Under Lockdown Are Singing Together

As Europe implements quarantine measures in hopes of slowing the spread of the novel coronavirus, Europeans on lockdown have begun using their open windows for public displays of solidarity, ranging from rounds of applause for the medical workers on the front lines of the crisis to impromptu opera performances.


Important Australian study determines that sharks love jazz

What kind of music did you think sharks like? If you guessed hip hop, techno, or classical, you’d be wrong. The next question might also be ‘why do you know this?’.

Happy Mag

La musique, une voie vers la conscience des patients en état végétatif?

L’objectif est de trouver des biomarqueurs qui permettent de mieux appréhender l’état des patients et leur degré de conscience afin d’améliorer leur prise en charge.

Le Figaro

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