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Interactive Improvisation Session

Participate in a one-time only special event to help shape one of this year's Edinburgh International Festival projects.

The Guardian

How To Use Facebook Graph Search Today to Find Music

On Monday morning, Facebook announced that it is rolling out its "Graph Search," including new pages for "Music my friends like" and more, to all users in the U.S. and beyond, over the next few weeks.


New software is able to trace paths amidst a music jungle

The Genezik software, conceived by researchers from the Signal Processing Laboratory at EPFL (LTS2), offers an innovative approach to playlist making and to rediscovering forgotten songs.

10 Great Ways Musicians Are Using Instagram Video

Musicians are joining in the Instagram Video craze with sneak peaks, backstage moments and mini-music videos.


What Can We Expect From The Project Daisy Music Service?

New ways to make one's music and related digital content available for sales continue to emerge that benefit both DIY and indie artists.


Music & Technology Join Forces To Heal

Through his Melodic Caring Project, Levi Ware aims to bridge the gap between music, technology, and patients battling serious illnesses.

LA Music Blog

Artist Transforms City's Movement Into Music With Sensing Technology

City noise might be considered quite a racket to some. The sounds of public transportation, honking horns, emergency vehicles, trash cans, people yelling and dogs barking can drown out the more natural sounds of leaves on a windy day or birds chirping.

The Blaze

Pre-release music: will a 'promo service' help stop leaks?

A multitude of artists have vented their frustration over pre-release leaks of their music.

The Guardian

Can you Spotify classical music?

Spotify is changing how people experience their favourite music online. But is it useful for classical music fans?


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