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Google Music update

The latest update to Google's Music app allows users to save offline albums to their SD card.

The Full Signal

The Largest Ever Ear Training Library Now Available

Music education technology company Easy Ear Training has today released an enormous library of ear training information for musicians in a free app.


5 persistent challenges for internet radio stations

Advantages include the ability to get off the ground quickly, with minimal capital investment and without needing an FCC license (or worrying about FCC fines). But there are also challenges that deserve consideration by anyone interested in being an internet broadcaster.

Radio Survivor

NFC tracking introduced for musical instruments

Musical instrument owners can now track their instruments via a new NFC (Near Field Communication) platform.


The YouTube Music Awards Misses Its Chance

The YouTube Music Awards (or the YTMA's as it's now being called) seemed like an ideal event to represent the best of the new music business. Or should have been.


Could Apple's New Algorithm End the Loudness Wars?

'The loudness wars" is the term given to the increasing volume of mixes in recent years, achieved by compressing the dynamic range of audio tracks in order to get louder results.

The Music Network

Creative panelist talk music disruption

If you were putting together a sparky panel on the interplay of music and technology, roping in Amanda Palmer, Zoe Keating and Imogen Heap would be a mightily-fine start: three artists at the forefront of DIY strategies and tech experimentation.


Improvements in Mobile Data to Promote Local Music

Liberia's entertainment industry is not big but it is well alive and kicking, in particular the music side of it.

Balancing Act

YouTube Close to Launching Subscription Music Service

YouTube is preparing a premium on-demand music service -- akin to a Spotify, but with video -- to launch later this year, according to several sources familiar with the plans.


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