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Instruments for Peace: How Social Media Can Amplify the Music of Peace

Each year we discover new ways in which social media can help give voice to those without support and help create a more just and equitable world. One such opportunity has arisen in the Congo where self-taught musicians playing hand-made instruments have given peace a voice and inspired the creation of a new non-profit called Instruments of Peace.

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24 Ways Musicians Can Use the iPad

Over the past few years the music industry has come up with some pretty innovative ways to use iPad. from Jordan Rudess's epic 'Morphwiz' App to whole live performances done on iPads. Well, if you haven't yet been sold on the idea, here are 24 ways to use the iPad to learn, compose, perform, and record.

The Music Void

New Marketing for New Art: The Mondavi Center Google Hangout Experiment

In 2003 and 2004, the Concert Companion, a device designed to enhance the concert experience, was tested during several orchestral concerts around the country. The user response recorded in post-concert focus groups was quite positive.

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Google Music adds seven new countries to its roster

Users in Australia, Ireland, Portugal, and more now have access to the Web giant's music service, which allows for free storage of up to 20,000 songs.


Apple 'iRadio' service set for summer release, rumors suggest

Turning Apple into cider is a popular sport these days. And Apple is certainly experiencing a lacuna in innovative product introductions. Now, the rumor mill is heralding the introduction of Apple radio this summer -- but it may be too little, too late.

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Why Spotify is Twitter for Music

Gordon MacMillan, recently reported on Spotify's new video commercials, that have been released onto You Tube. These attempt to capture the 'concept' of music, and interestingly seek to do so without a musical soundtrack.

The Wall Blog

Amazon extends AutoRip perk to vinyl records's AutoRip, which gives customers free digital copies of CDs they purchase, is now available for vinyl records - including those purchased in the past.

Los Angeles Times

Headphones become the ‘it’ music accessory

High-priced headphones have overshadowed earbuds to become the "must-have" item of music lovers in recent years. With the rise of popular brands like Skullcandy and Beats by Dr. Dre, headphones are now just as much of a status symbol as they are a tool to listen to the latest music.

The Digital Universe

A Generic Guitar Inspires a Distinctive Project

It started out as an inside joke and quickly became an international art project, linked to a charitable cause. Nick Didkovsky, a guitarist and composer, and Charles O'Meara, the guitarist in the eclectic rock trio Forever Einstein, were in the habit of scanning eBay for used instruments, and emailing each other links to the ones they considered interesting.

The New York Times

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