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8 Steps To Building Your Personal Music Brand

In a tradtional marketing industry sense, a "brand" is the "name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller's product distinct from those of other sellers."


World Broadcasting Unions encourage radio on mobile devices

The EBU's "Smart Radio" initiative has been endorsed by the world's 8 broadcasting Unions. "Smart Radio" calls for the inclusion of both digital and analogue radio in all phones and tablets.


Google : la recherche de musique en lanceur d'applications

Trouver de la musique avec le moteur de recherche Google débouche sur une écoute directe dans des applications sur Android.

Generation NT


25 Things I Want from an Online Music Service

The music industry won't recover from its woes until it stops treating songs like commodities. Here's how to do it.

The Daily Beast

Google acquires human-curated music app Songza

Google has acquired Songza, a music app for Android and iOS which provides curated mood-based playlists.


The history of the Walkman: 35 years of iconic music players

The thing is, personal portable music didn't exist for most of human history, at least not in any mainstream fashion. Not until the Sony Walkman came along.

The Verge

Asia: SoundCloud is top pick for music streaming

As music streaming services become more visible to consumers in Asia, it turns out that Germany-based SoundCloud is the most-used music streaming app in emerging markets in Asia. This is according to a recent study.

Tech in Asia

Radio : la discrète ascension numérique

La radio se porte bien. Mais cette prospérité lui coûte peut-être sa place dans le paysage numérique. Aujourd'hui, quels défis techniques, éditoriaux et économiques la radio doit-elle relever pour prendre le virage numérique?

ZD Net

The Machine That's Saving the History of Recorded Sound

A device in the basement of the Library of Congress produces images of sound, echoing the reason recording devices were invented in the first place.

The Atlantic

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