Technologies and media

Musique et réverbération : les auditeurs ont-ils besoin d’espace?

Dans la modernité des dernières décennies et l’épanouissement de la composition par ordinateurs, la musique s’est déshabillée d’effet, d’écho et de réverbération.

Siècle Digital

New Self-Learning Chip Takes Music Lessons

With training, the chip becomes more likely to play two notes together when making music.

Electronic Design

Science and Culture: Musicians join scientists to explore data through sound

Today, as a professor in the music department at Stony Brook University in New York, Schedel relies on that logic along with her musical training to help researchers across her university hear their data.


The MP3 Is Not Dead, And I Can Prove It

There's been a flurry of articles lately about the death of the MP3, and most of them have got the story wrong. The format itself is, in fact, far from dead, and I'm going to show you why.


Les Stradivarius dépassés par la technologie

Lors de tests en aveugle, des musiciens ont pour la première fois préféré les violons modernes à ceux du célèbre luthier.

Tribune de Genève

Spotify, data, and how to become indispensable to the music industry

Maybe a million streams on Spotify won't make a musician rich, but Spotify believes it will help them get rich.


Einstein vs. The Clash: How I used music to hack my brain

Music is useful for helping you enter the flow state because the things you hear can distract you from a task.


How to master your music metadata

Tired of seeing “unknown track” by “unnamed artist” on your favorite music player?

Tech Hive syncs up with Apple Music

The music app gets to expand its global reach; Apple gets a new marketing partner.


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