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Pandora's Plan to Share More Streaming Data With Artists

Stung by accusations that it doesn't pay enough royalties to artists, Pandora Media has been quietly working on a tool that would demonstrate the company's value by giving artists more information on how their songs perform on its Internet radio service.


Google launches streaming music service ahead of Apple

Google Inc launched a music service on Wednesday that allows users to listen to unlimited songs for $9.99 a month, challenging smaller companies like Pandora and Spotify in the market for streaming music.


Apps are in every artist's future

Jac Holzman is 81. He founded Elektra Records, signed The Doors, Carly Simon and The Stooges among other artists, and played a significant role in the early days of the CD as a music format.

The Guardian

Technology a game changer for music industry

The future of the music industry is on your smartphone, says Colts Neck-based concert promoter John D'Esposito.

Daily Record

What will Google's music subscription service look like?

Google is said to be pushing for an ad-free YouTube subscription service to be tied in with its planned Spotify-like audio service.

The Guardian

App Allows Anyone To Create Musical Scores By Humming Or Singing

What happens when a fiddle playing professor at the Swedish Royal Academy of Music and expert in music cognition and a bass playing computer engineer get together? In Sweden, the answer is a ground-breaking new music App.


Music reception in the digital age

Developments since the 1990s make it abundantly clear to what extent new conditions can cast doubt upon previously unquestioned ideas about how people experience music.

International Journal of Music Business Research

How to Make iTunes Awesome Again

A decade ago, iTunes was amazing. Now the music/app/video/iOS wrangler is a bloated mess. The iTunes Store turns 10 on Sunday, and during this decade, Apple has sold billions and billions of songs and apps out of its electronic storefront. But all those videos, apps, and songs have crippled the once-great MP3 player.


Congratulations: The Music Industry Is Now 'Napster-Proof'

You know, that out-of-the-blue technology that shocks the industry, dismantles our carefully-crafted business models once again, and plunges everything into a second freefall? Well, the answer may be never, simply because consumers don't want or need another Napster.

Digital Music News

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