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5 Ways To Get Music Discovered In The New Digital Age

While the ways in which people discover music have changed dramatically in many ways, some avenues remain the same.


How the Grateful Dead changed concert sound systems forever

When we go to a show today, we expect the PA system to deliver proper sound, no matter how big the venue. That wasn’t always the case.

A Journal of Musical Things

Glenn Gould Is the Next Artist Prepping for Posthumous Hologram Tour

He is celebrated for his irreverent playing style and interpretations of works by J.S. Bach, Brahms, Beethoven and others.


Vous pourriez bientôt diffuser de la musique grâce…à votre peau !

Exit les enceintes Bluetooth ? Une équipe de chercheurs de l'Institut national de science et de technologie d'Ulsan, en Corée du Sud, a présenté une nouvelle technologie innovante et pour le moins insolite puisqu'elle permet d'écouter de la musique grâce à une interface cutanée.


Super 8 film has taken over music videos

Here’s what it looks like: a music video that has, up until this point, been shot on digital will cut to Super 8 footage.


Piano Lessons in the Panopticon

The pressure of an old-fashioned piano lesson was poised to be magnified by the panopticon of the internet.

The New York Times

Is Technology Helping or Hurting Djs?

Without technology, DJing would not exist. The ability to record and play music is a relatively modern invention, and the art of mixing two records together is even more recent.

Electronic Beats

What kind of technology scared parents in the 1930s? Radio.

Parents have always worried about how their kids might use new technology in the way they inevitably will.

A Journal of Musical Things

L'auto-tune est partout

Trente-six secondes de «Believe» auront suffit. En octobre 1998, Cher nous offre le futur de la pop sur la petite phrase «I can't break throught» qu'elle entonne façon robot. C'est la naissance de l'auto-tune.


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