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Ten predictions for digital media in 2018

1. There will be blood in the escalating battle amongst premium OTT video giants...

Tech Crunch

Spatial Awareness: Inside the world of immersive sound design

Although the term Immersive Audio (or spatial audio) might at first glance appear to be a cutting-edge technology, the engineering challenge of trying to place an audience in a three-dimensional acoustic space has a long history and several methods have been used over the years with various amounts of success.

Audio Media International

Netflix for Jazz? Quincy Jones’s Qwest TV Takes Concerts and Films Digital

For much of jazz’s history, devotees discovered music over the radio airwaves and in library stacks, rooting out old LPs or videos to borrow and sample.

The New York Times

On big questions of creativity and intention

As with other areas in the many realms of public discourse these days, there are times when, for me, taking a gander at the old quotidian chit-chat stream on Facebook has just become unbearable.

New Music Box

Les médias en Afrique et la diffusion de la musique

L’environnement des médias musicaux en Afrique a fort évolué et est d’une grande diversité. Selon que l’on soit en Afrique du Sud ou en Afrique du Nord, dans un espace francophone ou anglophone, les réalités sont multiples et spécifiques.

Music in Africa

How modern music technology has evolved over the years

When you’re sitting in the park listening to music on your wireless speaker, you’re probably too busy enjoying the vibe to pontificate on the science and innovation that brought music and technology to where it is today.


Best in music tech 2017

2017 feels like it’s flown by in a crazy and slightly bewildering flash, but it can’t have escaped your notice that we’re into its final furlong.

Music Radar

'We could build something revolutionary': how tech set underground music free

YouTube, social media and even Bitcoin are allowing musicians to reject major labels and go it alone – but the industry is fighting back. Can artists use technology to stay truly independent?

The Guardian

Un site rassemble des milliers d'instruments de musique de collection

Le Royal College of Music a lancé un musée présentant des milliers d'instruments anciens, provenant d'environ 200 collections différentes. Chaque pièce est accompagnée d'une fiche d'identité, de photos et parfois de vidéos.

France Musique

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