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From Mix Tape to iPod to... What Now?

Have tech whizzes forgotten people who love to make, and give, playlists?

The Tyee

Musique en ligne: lancement du "top 50" spécial streaming

Producteurs de musique et plateformes de streaming se sont associés pour lancer dès mercredi 10 septembre une nouvelle mouture de classement des meilleurs ventes de disques.

France Musique

The Airbnb of classical music

It's not uncommon to sell the idea of a new startup based on the model of another (think: "It's the Uber of pet adoption," or "It's like Tinder for baristas").


The Most Intriguing Creations from Music Hack Day San Francisco

Socks that vibrate to music. Artist playlists based on your tweets and your weather. A visualizer that reacts not only to the music that's playing, but also to your flailing hands.

You Said What on Facebook? Musicians Discover Perils of Oversharing

Many of us have posted things online that we wish we hadn't. The question of how unfiltered classical musicians should be on Facebook and Twitter re-emerged recently with the controversy surrounding American bass-baritone Valerian Ruminski.


Hackers Dream Up Fresh Ways to Visualize Music

The possibilities for depicting music visually are much wider, given the surfeit of music data that is available for, and/or can be generated from, literally any recorded song in the world in real enough time.

Afrique: Music in Africa - Lancement de l'annuaire en ligne

Il est conçu pour faciliter et améliorer l'accès, la sensibilisation et l'échange dans le secteur musical africain.

All Africa

DoclerMusic Combines Music Concerts and Lessons On New Livestreaming Platform

The initial range of interactions supported by DoclerMusic suggest that it has the potential to become a key tool for DIY artists.


Musicians among the first to sign up for in-tweet purchasing

Musicians are advised to use this new potential revenue channel with caution. "There's a self-regulating process that happens on Twitter, which is if you're alienating your followers, they're going to leave".


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