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How Live Streaming Is Altering The Music Business For Artists And Fans Alike

As technological innovation continues to sweep the music industry, live streaming has become an increasingly important component of bands and artists’ promotional arsenal. Here we look at why you need to livestream and what you need to do so effectively.


Spotify Is Launching an Awards Show in Mexico City Based Entirely on User-Generated Data

Although Spotify launched in 2008, it only officially reached Mexico in 2013—and its capital city quickly made up for the lost streaming time. According to Spotify’s statement, Mexico City has the most listeners on the streaming platform, globally.


Southeast Asia tuning in

These 7 music-focused startups give local music scene a chance against the mainstream.


Classical Streaming Service IDAGIO Launches Free Tier

Classical music streaming service IDAGIO has released an ad-supported free tier as part of its efforts to make the hard-to-pigeonhole genre more accessible. IDAGIO Free launches today in 190 countries, featuring 2 million recordings.


Il y a 40 ans, le Walkman sauvait aussi le format cassette

Avec la sortie du Walkman, il y a 40 ans, le format cassette connaîtra une nouvelle jeunesse. Avant de complètement s'effondrer face aux promesses lucratives du format CD.

Les Echos

Will the future of sample clearance be as easy as tagging friends on Facebook?

The creative act of sampling has long been an integral part of hip-hop and electronic music and new technology has enabled much faster music discovery, creation and sharing, thus rendering the process of clearing samples one of the major obstacles remaining in music production.

Music Tech

Can cryptocurrency create a new niche in music streaming?

The music streaming industry has come a long way since the old days of Napster and the first-ever downloadable music. The new technology that was the internet, combined with faster download speeds, made music sharing possible.

Coin Telegraph

This new app wants to change the way music gets made

Bounce wants to help artists collaborate better—and eventually, change the way people consume music.

Fast Company

The Future of Smart Speakers: How Voice Tech is Impacting the Music Business

Beyond speakers, smart assistants like Alexa can now be found in cars, smartphones and more. What does this mean for the music business? Let's take a look at the future of smart speakers...


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