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Measuring emotional connections to music

As someone who has written hundreds of reviews based on listening sessions conducted in my home, in bricks-and-mortar shops, in manufacturers demo rooms, and in more hotel rooms at trade shows than I could possibly count, measurements never really meant a lot to me from a listening standpoint.

Inner Fidelity

5 Midemlab music tech startups to watch

The annual Midemlab startup competition in Cannes attracted another strong lineup of music-related companies that are targeting an industry undergoing massive disruption.

Venture Beat

Mimi Hearing Technologies Transforms Not Only Our Ability To Listen To Music But Our Ability To Hear

When you look at a masterful work of art, you want to be able to see the details in the craftsmanship.


Embracing technology is only hope for bespoke music composers

In the not too distant past, when budgets were healthier and content producers had more time, agency creatives had a preference for using bespoke music to help tell their stories.


Musique et médias au Sénégal

Au Sénégal, l’industrie musicale est intimement liée aux industries de contenus. En effet, les télévisions, radios et autres médias, jouent un rôle clé dans la promotion des artistes et de leurs oeuvres.

Music in Africa

Pop, passion and enemas: how online forums created a new musical culture

Music attracts conversation like a magnet pulls iron filings, and the form that talk takes changes according to where music lovers hang out with one another.

The Guardian

In-Venue Music Recognition Technology Is Changing Artist Payouts

It starts with the basic premise that nearly every song can be recognized using fingerprinting or other matching technologies, and those matches can be relayed back to every relevant party, including PROs.

Digital Music News

Digital Jukeboxes Are Eroding the Dive-Bar Experience

The fight to control the playlist is a struggle between the group’s happiness and the individual’s.

The Atlantic

Why Spotify's IPO could bring more innovation to music technology

Technology seems to be able to transform, or in the language of technology companies, disrupt almost every industry, and yet the music space is continually hard.

Tech Republic

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