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Technologies and media

Is digitisation the way forward for our music collections?

The past decade has seen much of our consumption change from "owning" music, to something more akin to renting it - with physical releases and collectables suffering as a consequence.

Mix Mag

The problem with Dolby Atmos music is its inconsistency

Dolby Atmos may be great, but is it the future of music?

What Hi-Fi

L’industrie musicale, future victime de la révolution blockchain ?

Les technologies blockchains, les approches de types DAOs (organisations à la gouvernance décentralisée), la tokenisation des actifs de toutes natures, l’explosion des NFT et de la DeFi. Un ensemble de nouvelles approches technologiques émergentes qui sont bien plus qu’un empilement d’outils pour renforcer le système actuel, injuste et défaillant.

Journal du Coin

No diga "revolución musical", diga "revolución tecnológica"

El avance de la tecnología está transformando nuestra manera de vivir. Hemos cambiado nuestra manera de informarnos, nuestra manera de comunicarnos y, por supuesto, nuestra manera de escuchar y consumir música.

La Vanguardia

‘He touched a nerve’: how the first piece of AI music was born in 1956

Long before Auto-Tune and deepfake compositions, university professor Lejaren Hiller premiered a concert recital composed by a computer and became an overnight celebrity.

The Guardian

That radio DJ you hear might already be a robot

Our phones, speakers and rice cookers have been talking to us for years, but their voices have been robotic. Seattle-based AI startup WellSaid Labs says it has finessed the technology to create over 50 real human voice avatars like ANDY so far, where the producer just needs to type in text to create the narration.


Why Spotify’s music recommendations always seem so spot on

It’s that time of the year again. On the first day of December, everyone unwraps their “Wrapped” lists from music streaming app Spotify. Every person you follow seems to be screenshotting their top artists and songs, and floating them across social media, providing a condensed aural history of their year.

Popular Science

Winamp revient à la vie et croit pouvoir redevenir votre lecteur de musique préféré

Winamp est de retour. Une toute nouvelle version du célèbre logiciel multimédia est en train d’être développée. Reste à savoir si le lecteur qui était la star des années 2000 parviendra à revenir dans le cœur des internautes.


Spotify “copia” a Tiktok en esta nueva actualización

La aplicación estrella para escuchar música en streaming incluye en una de sus últimas implementaciones una característica que recuerda irremediablemente a la aplicación que conquistó a medio mundo durante el confinamiento.

Los 40

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