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Artificial intelligence enables recognizing and assessing a violinist's bow movements

In playing music, gestures are extremely important, in part because they are directly related to the sound and the expressiveness of the musicians.

Science Daily

Un hologramme veut séduire la scène européenne de la musique

Des admirateurs survoltés qui scandent le nom de leur idole sous le feu des lasers : un concert parmi tant d'autres? Non. Car l'ado qui se dandinait sur scène, samedi soir, près de Paris, est un hologramme.

Radio Canada

Sonification: turning the yield curve into music

With the proliferation of smart speakers, turning spreadsheets into sound could be the next big thing in data presentation.

Financial Times

Will artificial intelligence be the future of music?

They may never be able to fill a stadium for a rock concert, but computers are making inroads in the music industry, capable of producing songs.


Three Ways to Market Yourself in the Ever-Growing Music Industry

To become a star, you must first build a community.


Transform web banners into music

Aiaiai has joined forces with Danish duo Kenton Slash Demon to develop and launch a new “interactive music universe” that will allow users to transform web banners into music.


Le streaming est‐il dangereux pour l’environnement ?

Un objet en polycarbonate, un emballage en carton, le tout généralement scellé sous une couche de plastique. De prime abord, la chute de la consommation de disques physiques au profit du streaming est une bonne nouvelle d’un point de vu environnemental.


Another way technology is changing music whether we like it or not

There has always been a dance between technology and music creating at times an odd and unexpected sort of symbiosis.

A Journal of Musical Things

Technology Is Upending How Music Is Made

Even for Jimi Hendrix, the guitarist who used feedback and distortion to build sounds the world had never heard before, it wasn't easy to break into the music business.

Scientific American

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