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Mood music: how technology is beginning to dictate what we listen to

Technology has always played a profound, ­shadowy supporting role in how we hear music.

The National

Sony Introduces All New "360 Reality Audio" Music Experience

Sony announced today an all new music experience called "360 Reality Audio" that makes listeners feel as if they are immersed in sound from all directions.

PR Newswire

Tout un orchestre dans mon ordinateur

Vrai piano, fausse trompette ? Batterie authentique ou “émulation” électronique ? Aujourd’hui, les logiciels de musique dotés de banques de sons de plus en plus réalistes sont omniprésents dans la production. Gâtés comme jamais, les musiciens du XXIe siècle ?


How AI is solving one of music’s most expensive problems

The last step in audio production is being taken over by machines.

The Verge

Samsung Created an App to Help Visually Impaired People Read Music While Learning to Play Guitar

Learning to play guitar poses unique challenges for sight-impaired people. Their practice sessions are frequently interrupted as they refer to braille instruction books for the correct chord progressions.

AD Week

'The Roaring Crowdfund' Explores The Wonderful World Of Music Crowdfunding

Healy gains insights from execs at the three major crowdfunding platforms, as well as musicians who have had crowdfunding experiences.


All the weird, innovative and dystopian new audio tech we’ll be using in 2019

So what does the next year of music technology look like?


Avec 360 Reality Audio, Sony met de la 3D dans la musique

La firme japonaise a dévoilé un nouveau format audio nommé 360 Reality Audio qui spatialise la musique pour une immersion inégalée. Un projet ambitieux qui suppose le développement d'une chaîne complète depuis la création et la production musicale jusqu'aux appareils de lecture.

Futura Tech

This double bass breaks apart for travel

We've seen many variations on the theme, including a folder from Fender, a strange Strat from Traveler and a novel cross-shaped plank. But what if you played a double bass?

New Atlas

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