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Pop, passion and enemas: how online forums created a new musical culture

Music attracts conversation like a magnet pulls iron filings, and the form that talk takes changes according to where music lovers hang out with one another.

The Guardian

In-Venue Music Recognition Technology Is Changing Artist Payouts

It starts with the basic premise that nearly every song can be recognized using fingerprinting or other matching technologies, and those matches can be relayed back to every relevant party, including PROs.

Digital Music News

Digital Jukeboxes Are Eroding the Dive-Bar Experience

The fight to control the playlist is a struggle between the group’s happiness and the individual’s.

The Atlantic

Why Spotify's IPO could bring more innovation to music technology

Technology seems to be able to transform, or in the language of technology companies, disrupt almost every industry, and yet the music space is continually hard.

Tech Republic

Frettable : une application pour transcrire cet extraordinaire solo avant de l’oublier

Combien de fois avons-nous entendu un guitariste dire à un autre qui est en train de jouer un air ou une chanson : « Montre-moi ton manche ». Le tour est joué, et on voit l’autre faire sa séquence d’accords et on embarque.

Radio Canada International

Humtap expands into Arabic music generation

Humtap, an innovative music generation Artificial Intelligence (AI) start-up, is expanding into creating Arabic and Middle Eastern music - a pioneering achievement in the field.

Trade Arabia

How to Make Your Music Streaming Experience More Social

When the music-focused social network Cymbal launched in 2015, the service promised to be a hub for music junkies to share their favorite artists and flaunt their great taste.


Mind-reading A.I. algorithm can work out what music is playing in your head

Most of us have used apps like Shazam, which can identify songs when we hold up our phone up to a speaker. But what if it was possible for an app to identify a piece of music based on nothing more than your thought patterns. Impossible?

Digital Trends

ABBA reunite for new music, hologram tour

Digital versions of ABBA will perform the group's new songs as part of a TV broadcast set to air later this year.

Consequence of Sound

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