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TikTok: ¿Quiénes son los nuevos artistas que han viralizado su música por la red social?

TikTok se ha transformado en una de las redes sociales con más tráfico del último tiempo, generando contenido para todo tipo de público. Una de las gracias de su uso es el algoritmo, que enseña videos al usuario dependiendo de sus gustos y contenido que consume habitualmente.

BioBio Chile

New Japan audio tech packs sound of trillions and trillions of CDs

Asahi Kasei unit aims to bring streaming music quality closer to live performances.

Nikkei Asia

Blockchain in Music: 17 Examples Reshaping a Changing Industry

These companies are innovating at the intersection of music and blockchain.

Built in

Does the perfect sound exist?

Port believes that records are like snowflakes — no two are the same. So many things can impact the pressing, including room temperature, the split second the stampers are pressed onto the hot, vinyl biscuit, and unknown factors no human can understand.

The Washington Post

Les disques en bioplastiques pourraient aider à décarboniser le secteur de la musique

La société Evolution Music, basée au Royaume-Uni, affirme que son bioplastique peut être utilisé pour créer des disques vinyles et vise à permettre aux labels et aux artistes d’arrêter facilement d’utiliser du plastique sans modifier les machines ou les processus de production existants des usines de pressage de disques.

Ze Green Web

Captar música a través del sentido del tacto

Las personas con discapacidad auditiva podrán percibir música a través del sentido del tacto, gracias a un sistema pionero basado en un nuevo algoritmo audio-táctil que transmite información melódica a través de vibraciones.


Can big data really predict what makes a song popular?

While we might understand the genres or songs we appreciate, it’s not clear precisely why a certain song is more appealing or popular. Perhaps the lyrics speak to an experience? Perhaps the energy makes it appealing? These questions are important to answer for music industry professionals, and analyzing data is a key part of this.

The Conversation

Dancers' moves help to power Glasgow music venue

Glasgow arts venue SWG3 has switched on a system that creates renewable energy from the body heat on its dancefloor.

The Guardian

Thomas Dolby explaining synthesizers to kids back in 1989

Back in 1989, synth whiz producer Thomas Dolby performed a public service by appearing on a TV show called The Ghost of Father Hall wherein he demonstrated new electronic music technology to kids.

A Journal of Musical Things

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