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'A gamechanger for musicians': app offers library of interactive sheet music

Classical musicians will have access to a huge library of interactive sheet music via a groundbreaking app that leading cultural figures say has the potential to revolutionise music-making.

The Guardian

Touch Training Technology Shows Promise for Making Sweet Piano Music

Haptic training could help expert musicians and top athletes break through their performance ceilings.

Inside Science

'It's the screams of the damned!' The eerie AI world of deepfake music

Artificial intelligence is being used to create new songs seemingly performed by Frank Sinatra and other dead stars. ‘Deepfakes’ are cute tricks – but they could change pop for ever.

The Guardian

Ircam Amplify : comment l'un des meilleurs instituts de recherche audio offre ses services aux entreprises

L'un des plus remarquables instituts de recherche sur le son, l'Ircam veut s'ouvrir au monde et à l'industrie. Sa filiale Amplify est ainsi chargée de créer le lien entre les chercheurs et les potentiels clients de leurs travaux.

Les Numériques

Fuera los auriculares, SoundBeaming propone mandar la música hasta el interior de la cabeza

La industria tecnológica cada vez parece más interesada en competir con las novelas de ciencia ficción. Una empresa israelí nos propone una nueva forma de escuchar música más propia de las historias futuristas del cine y la literatura.

Computer Hoy

Listen to the Globe

Radio programming from around the world is available on the internet or through apps.

The New York Times

Historic Labels: An Enlightening Sonic Window to the Past

Technically, Arturo Toscanini (1867–1957), Leopold Stokowski (1882–1977) and Wilhelm Furtwängler (1886–1954) are indeed dead. But technologically, they’re more alive than ever among the prestigious handful of historical recording labels.


As the novelty of Zoom wears off, classical music reluctantly embraces its new virtual reality

To the conductor, the absence of an audience subtracts something essential from the music as well; it becomes an unbalanced equation, an unanswered question.

The Washington Post

Odisei Music et son saxophone imprimé en 3D

La fabrication additive touche vraiment tous les secteurs d’activité, la musique compris – la liste des instruments imprimés en 3D commence à être longue, sans compter les applications qui combinent musique et impression 3D.

3D Natives

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