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The best place to discover new music? Instagram

Instagram began allowing users to share album covers and Spotify links to music on their stories in May 2018. But in recent months, the feature has grown increasingly popular.


Pikip Solar Speakers, les sound systems de l’anthropocène

Face à l’urgence écologique, des entrepreneurs réfléchissent à de nouvelles solutions et tentent de limiter la catastrophe.


What will music be like in 20 years

Trends that could shape music over the coming decades, including algoraves, Fortnite concerts and songs catered to smart speakers.


The Music-Making Site That Can Get You a Global Hit (Or a Lawsuit)

Lil Nas X bought the beat for “Old Town Road” for $30 from a website called BeatStars. Inside the new world of cheap music marketplaces that has the music industry scrambling.

Rolling Stones

An Insane Phishing Scam is Hitting Music Promoters in Asia

Over the last few weeks, music promoters, festivals and venues across the continent have been getting emails from agents representing A-list music talent – Rihanna, Eminem, Lady Gaga, System of A Down – laying out Asia tour dates for these artists and inviting offers.

China Music Radar

LPO becomes first UK orchestra to offer points-based loyalty scheme

The London Philharmonic Orchestra has created a new online-only loyalty scheme to reward concert-goers who want to attend several concerts a year, but only book tickets for one concert at a time.


Musique générative : ces applications composent de la musique personnalisée

De nouvelles applications s'appuient sur la météo du jour, la localisation ou les battements du cœur pour générer de la musique sur mesure adaptée à votre humeur du moment. Un mélange d'intelligence artificielle et de big data censé booster la productivité ou aider à s'endormir.

Futura Tech

Virtual reality: How will it change the way you make music?

Making music in the modern age generally requires a lot of intense screentime, but we’re all prone to distractions as we find our music-making workflows getting stale.

Music Tech

Why Play a Music CD?

‘No Ads, No Privacy Terrors, No Algorithms’.

The New York Times

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