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Evolving Technology Keeps Musicians in Touch

The past 18 months have been pretty grim for music journalists covering the live-performance scene. Cancelation notices dominated SFCV news items during the spring and summer of 2020, and we turned our critics loose on recorded music and streaming performances to compensate for the lack of live concerts.


Les algorithmes nous poussent-ils à écouter toujours le même style de musique ?

Quel est l’impact des recommandations algorithmiques sur la diversité de la musique écoutée en streaming ? Grâce à l’ouverture de certaines données par Deezer, les chercheurs du projet Records ont pu dresser un premier tableau nuancé de la question.

CNRS Journal

La música más inteligente será artificial

La inteligencia artificial está en la base de buena parte de la nueva hornada de música electrónica. Gracias al aprendizaje automático (machine learning), estos sistemas pueden comprender sonidos, captar patrones, reproducir estilos, generar letras y, si procede, crear nuevas versiones de canciones que ya existen.

La Vanguardia

Canada’s First Opera Hackathon Combines Opera And High Tech

What happens when you put opera artists, indie gamers, and tech experts together for four days?

Ludwig Van

Six of the most innovative digital music platforms

Niche music services, whether localized, genre specific, or thematic, are filling gaps in the music streaming landscape that are not served by the main players like Spotify or Apple Music.

Music Business Worldwide

What Metaverses Mean For the Music Industry

We don’t really know what it will become yet, however what the Metaverse is promising is both a virtual world and a way which will blend the digital world with the physical through a glass-type device that might just replace the mobile-phone.


Radio numérique terrestre: c'est quoi le DAB?

Comme la télévision avec la TNT, la radio se modernise. Le DAB+, ou radio numérique terrestre, se déploie sur tout le territoire pour vous proposer gratuitement un plus large choix de radios.

Notre Temps

Tecnología en pro de la salud auditiva

¿Alguna vez te has preguntado cómo es que la comunidad sorda ha logrado avanzar en una sociedad no tan inclusiva? Pues teniendo a la tecnología como su mejor aliada.


20 years after its production, the iPod changed the history of music players

On October 23, 2001, the then-President of Apple, “Steve Jobs” came out to the City Hall Theater at 4 Infinite Loop in Cupertino and presented the world’s first iPod, a major change from the company that was famous for making large and colorful computers.


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