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Music And Technology: 4 Disrupters You Must Pay Attention To

As the music industry continues its second year of promising recovery following the disruption of the digital marketplace and embraces streaming as the dominant form of music consumption, the question is already being raised - what technology will be the next industry disruptor.


Musiques africaines et nouvelles technologies : quelles perspectives ?

Depuis la naissance d’internet, et le développement exponentiel des nouvelles technologies, nos modes de vies ont radicalement changé. Pour le milieu musical, c’est un vaste bouleversement, progressif, particulièrement en Afrique.

Music in Africa

Writing music using only your mind

Beethoven composed his most important work when he was deaf. But what if he—or any other composer—had an affliction that left them paralyzed? It is possible to write music without the use of one's hands and arms?

Pacific Standard

AR, VR, AI, and the breakthroughs in music technology

New technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence are absolutely disrupting the music industry, but not in a way humans should fear.

The Industry Observer

Culture: The Hazy Glue Between Music & Technology

Music industry people claim to know tech, and people who work at technology companies say they understand music.


How bio-hacking can change the future of music

Could the future of music be body modifications that change the way we interact with instruments and technology, or even a new realm of sound opened up with specialist hearing implants?

Fact Magazine

Sing Your Heart Out

From 8-Track to Laserdisc to CD+G to ISDN lines to YouTube, the different technologies that made karaoke possible.


Le premier album composé par une IA est sorti

Un programme d’intelligence artificielle nommé « Amper » est capable de produire de la musique avec un minimum d’intervention humaine.


Humanoid robot to conduct Italian orchestra playing Verdi works alongside tenor Andrea Bocelli

The robot, called YuMi, will be the closest a humanoid has come to mastering the nuances of a human orchestra director when he performs.

The Telegraph

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