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DARPA hired a jazz musician to jam with their artificially intelligent software

Artificial intelligence (AI) can paint hallucinatory images, shut down internet trolls, and critique the most creative paintings in history.

Tech Insider

The Tragedy of iTunes and Classical Music

The new version of Apple's signature media software is a mess. What are people with large MP3 libraries to do?

The Atlantic

Line Music et Apple Music tentent de faire concurrence au CD au Japon

Même si la musique en flux continu (streaming) semble assez bien intégrée aux mœurs en Amérique du Nord, notamment grâce à des services comme Spotify et Rdio, ce n'est pas encore le cas au Japon. Comment expliquer un tel retard dans un marché pourtant réputé en matière de percées technologiques?

Branchez Vous

BandLab: an exciting new way to record and collaborate on your musical ideas

Combining collaboration features and cloud-based storage, BandLab is designed to make recording and developing your musical ideas easier than ever before.

Music Radar

Hip-hop is the most listened to genre in the world, according to Spotify analysis of 20 billion tracks

Spotify has created a live 'musical map of the world', analysing nearly 20 billion tracks to show localized listening trends for over 1000 cities.

The Independent

Clap your hands! Applause-centric music is cool again

omposers and musical styles come in and out of fashion for the oddest of reasons. Now, the great 20th-century avant-gardist Steve Reich is back in the news because – of all things – a computer game.

The Globe&Mail

20 great free and open source music making programs

Who doesn't love free software? Still, you might be unaware that "free" doesn't always mean free in the sense you might expect.

Music Radar

I second that emotion: the emotive power of music in advertising

Music is powerful. It can make us smile or cry, bring memories rushing back, and even inspire us to buy a product when it's combined with the right advertisement.


A concert app for engaging, building audiences

Before the start of a typical orchestra concert these days, you can count on an announcement reminding everyone to turn off all electronic devices.

Baltimore Sun

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