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We won't be listening to music in a decade

Depending on who you ask, the advantage of technology based on artificial or machine intelligence could be a topsy-turvy funhouse mirror world — even in some very fundamental ways.

Tech Crunch

‘If You Can Get Famous Easily, You’re Gonna Do It’: How TikTok Took Over Music

In just 12 months, the video app TikTok has transformed from a curio to a service mentioned in the same breath as YouTube.

Rolling Stones

Neil Young’s Lonely Quest to Save Music

He says low-quality streaming is hurting our songs and our brains. Is he right?

The New York Times

This website will turn any picture into a song

Pixelsynth is a web-based instrument that can turn a picture of your French Bulldog into a Drake song.

Chart Attack

Trois idées de technologies pour jouer ou écouter de la musique autrement

Baguettes de batterie connectée ou encore écouteurs intra-auriculaires au moulage personnalisé... Voici trois idées de technologie pour jouer ou écouter de la musique autrement.


Apple, Google and Pandora sued for music playback patent infringement

Three identical lawsuits filed in the US last week claim that each of the companies’ respective music platforms infringe four patents registered by software developer Alan Bartholomew between 2006 and 2015.

Complete Music Update

Toward New Musics: What The Future Holds For Sound Creativity

Music streaming – and, in general, music distribution and networking via the Internet – has become the "elevator music" of our time, offering endless songs and sounds, all supposedly adapted to our tastes and primed for making social connections.


Roll over, Beethoven

Decoding the maestro’s musical style with statistics.

Ars Technica

How Many Streams is a T-Shirt Worth?

Now more than ever, there is a wealth of data about how music is consumed. As a result, the way Billboard calculates its charts has become increasingly complicated.

The New York Times

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