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The Quest to Restore Notre Dame’s Glorious Sound

Any change in a space can have a large effect on sound. Despite the size of the cathedral, or perhaps because of it, “a very small change in some material, since it is propagated over hundreds of square meters, can have more of an effect than you would imagine".

The New York Times

Streams are made of this: will digital platforms change our musical memories?

So many of our most precious memories are anchored in particular songs. But does the easy availability of every track spell the end of that?

The Guardian

Can we use quantum computers to make music?

Computers and digital technology are central to the modern music industry – but what could quantum computers bring to the party?

Physics World

La plateforme de musique en streaming Spotify teste des listes de lecture accessibles aux propriétaires de NFT

Ce test bêta de listes de lecture compatibles avec des jetons non fongibles se fait sur mobiles Android aux États-Unis, au Royaume-Uni, en Allemagne, en Australie et en Nouvelle-Zélande.

Conseils Crypto

La música vigila con inquietud la disrupción de la IA en el resto de artes

La innovación en aplicaciones de inteligencia artificial para melodías o voces es constante, aunque el potencial y el temor de disrupción no llegan por ahora al de otras disciplinas.

El País

New AI-generated RadioGPT can broadcast voice, dj music and find local news stories

Using the same technology as recent phenomenon ChatGPT, its creators say that it can even create social posts and short videos.


Unwinding the Birth, Rise, Fall and Return of the Cassette Tape

While the use of magnetic tape to record and play music dates back to the 1930s, it wasn’t until 1963, at the Berlin Radio Show, that Philips introduced the two-spool cassette.


Is Google Displacing Musicians With Its New Generative AI System: Music LM?

Although not yet released due to copyright issues, MusicLM is a signal of what’s to come in using AI to generate music from text descriptions.


Mieux que ChatGPT, cette IA écrit de la musique pour vous

Les ingénieurs de Google ont développé un modèle d’intelligence artificielle capable de créer des airs de musique à partir d’une description textuelle.

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