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Inside The Playlist Factory

When he’s choosing your music for you, Carl Chery, 37, is in Culver City, California, sitting at his desk in an office with no signage, trying to decide whether Drake and Future’s “Jumpman” (jumpman, jumpman, jumpman) has jumped the shark.


HD broadcasts, once the future of opera, are now seen by some as its demise

Still, 10 years on, the broadcasts remain controversial. They’re an easy scapegoat for the decline in opera’s audience: They haven’t drawn a significant new audience to the art form, and they appear to be an attractive alternative for people who might otherwise pay to see live opera.

The Washington Post

La recherche musicale européenne joue aux hackathons

L’Europe et ses centres de recherche institutionnels sont entrés dans l’ère des hackathons. La preuve avec R-Iot, un capteur de mouvement développé par l’Ircam, qui fait partie du projet de prototypes #Musicbricks.


Virtual Reality Waits for the Music Industry to Catch Up

Interest in the technology is outpacing actual VR music products, however, and few virtual reality performances have been released.

The New York Times

Apple wins patent on technology to stop fans filming gigs

Infrared device would be able to block fans using their iPhones to record shows, films and other live events.

The Guardian

Classical Music's Preeminent Service for Digital Audio

With those days long gone and SACD manufacturing now all but obsolete, I had a quandary. There was no single, reliable and reputable digital audio service for classical music.


Is This Belgian Architect’s Music Website the Next Spotify?

After eight years of research and development, Crauwels launched the first version of the site, which maps an extensive and interactive “Genealogy and History of Popular Music Genres”.


Today’s musicians really want to be friends with you

Rejoice, music consumers: A golden age is upon us. The rise of streaming services allows people to play an unprecedented amount of music, immediately, for flat monthly fees that cost less than a single CD did 15 years ago.


En 10 ans, la musique est devenue l’un des sujets les plus populaires sur Twitter

La musique est un langage universel et rassemble sur les réseaux sociaux. Selon une récente étude, 70% des utilisateurs français de Twitter suivent au moins un compte d’artistes/groupes/labels de musique (dont 16% suivant plus de 10 comptes).

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