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Gramophone’s new composer guides

One of the most interesting features of the new Gramophone website are the Composer pages.


Le streaming : une technologie connue, incomprise & vouée à disparaître?

Un sondage a été réalisé pour connaître les avis consommateurs sur le streaming. Pourquoi préférer le streaming? Pourquoi rester au CD ou au MP3?

Presse Citron

The Inevitable Future of Concerts

In the midsts of two concerts, separated by a few thousand miles, each performer was streamed holographically onto the other's stage, resulting in a simultanous bicoastal duet.

The Creators Project

Will Pono Music Tech Save Music History?

Are you wondering why you should be excited about Neil Young's Pono music playing device? If you were Neil Young and you wanted to listen to your first recordings from when you were in your 20s in the 1960s, you may find the originals are disintegrating.

Yahoo Voices

Musical Futures

Tried and tested by music educators, Musical Futures includes inspirational in-depth features, audio holistic experiences, debates on critical issues, and provides a new perspective on using Musical Futures effectively in the classroom.

Musical Futures

Social Media For Musicians

Today, social media is the cornerstone of your music career. It's what lets you stay in touch with your fans and easily notify them with exciting news.


Le numérique va-t-il plus vite que la musique?

Depuis une décennie, le digital n'a cessé de révolutionner le marché de la musique. Les usages et la consommation musicale ont évolué.

The Media Shaker

Predicting What You Want To Hear: Music And Data Get It On

When I log on to Spotify, it recommends I listen to T. Rex because I listened to Marc Bolan. Bolan is the frontman of T. Rex. I roll my eyes and click away.


Music Piracy Goes Mobile

Mobile applications have eclipsed file-sharing services, online storage sites known as "digital lockers" and stream-ripping software as the most widely used source of free music downloads, according to a new study from researcher NPD Group, whose results have not previously been made public.



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