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Golpe a Putin: Cantante Alla Pugacheva, ícono de la música pop rusa condena la guerra de Ucrania

La artista, quien hasta ahora se había mantenido ajena a cuestiones políticas, publicó en Instagran un mensaje dirigido a sus 3,4 millones de seguidores en la que pide al Ministerio de Justicia que se la designe como “agente extranjera”.

La Tercera

The Music Of Hate: Hatecore, Turbofolk, And Hindutva Pop

Music provides a powerful means of shaping emotion and even actions. Most of the times, that’s a positive. A popular song can bring a group of strangers together in a shared experience. In times of uncertainty a good song can be an outlet for fears and frustration.

3 Quarks Daily

The Last String of Russian Greatness Is About to Snap

Russia likes to think of itself as a superpower, but there aren’t that many things it’s actually world-class in. The list today mostly comes down to oil and gas, sports, and classical music. 

Foreign Policy

Rebel music is alive and kicking in Southeast Asia

In Southeast Asia, home to some of the world's most authoritarian and straight-laced societies, heavy metal, punk and hip-hop music still functions as a loudspeaker for protest. 

Nikkei Asia

Pourquoi la musique mongole marche-t-elle tellement mieux que la musique chinoise?

Le contraste avec la Chine voisine est saisissant. Malgré ses 1,4 milliard d'habitant·es (quand la Mongolie n'en compte que 3 millions) elle ne possède pas de son chinois national caractéristique mêlant tradition et modernité –en tout cas rien qui ait acquis un statut d'acteur commercial sérieux.


Camilo Lara, músico mexicano: “La pista de baile es política y democrática, en ella puedes ser todo a la vez”

Lo más importante es que la cultura nos cambie, me refiero a las artes y las cosas que la gente pueda tomar sin que sea como una forma de doctrina. La música es un gran educador, transmite cultura y valores, cosas que se necesitan en México.

El Diario

A Thai pop star uses her music to critique her homeland

Known for her “dystopian pop”, Pyra has been driven out by Thailand’s conservatism.

The Economist

Is it possible to separate Roger Waters’ music from his politics?

The 78-year-old made his name with Pink Floyd, but his vocal opposition to Israel has complicated his relationship with his Jewish fans.


Is classical colonial?

Naive proposals to “decolonise” Western classical music risk losing the richness of its history.

The Critic

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