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How Palestinians in Israel Use Music to Break Borders

Partying within a conservative culture isn't easy, let alone when movement is restricted. These groups are hoping to change that.


Music Festivals Are Gaining Popularity in Asia

“Most Asian governments would rather you not do parties so you don’t cause trouble,” he said, adding that his comment did not apply to Japan or South Korea. “The authorities wouldn’t want to take responsibility because a festival, to them, is like a liability.”

The New York Times

Pharrell Williams orders Trump to stop using his music at political rallies

Rapper Pharrell Williams has sent a cease-and-desist letter to US President Donald Trump ordering him to stop playing his music at political events after the song ‘Happy’ was used at a rally in Indiana last weekend.


Copyright, royalties and piracy in Africa

Creators of musical works in Africa are arguably the worst hit in terms of royalty pay-outs for their creative efforts.

Music in Africa

Remembering Queen’s Infamous and History-Making Tour of South America

The Freddie Mercury-led quartet rose to fame during the ‘70s and ‘80s, a time when many Latin American countries were facing repressive military governments and dictatorships, economic upheaval and social unrest.


Louis XIV et la musique: une affaire d’Etat

Louis XIV a été l’homme du «Grand Siècle», celui qui règnera durant soixante-douze ans sur la France et qui agira en véritable protecteur des arts. Il transforme le Château de Versailles en temple de la musique de son temps, et s’entoure des meilleurs musiciens et compositeurs.


Thai rappers’ rhymes rile military rulers as music video goes viral

The Rap Against Dictatorship collective dish out barbs about the military, corruption, censorship and lack of elections.

South China Morning Post

Taylor Swift urges fans to vote against “fear-based extremism” as she continues political activism

"We want leadership, not fear-based extremism".


Sudan: Singer arrested on charges of wearing indecent clothes

Sudanese police arrested singer Mona Magdi Salim on charges of “indecent” clothing after she wore tight trousers and a white, long-sleeved top at an event, reported Roya News on 21 October 2018.


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