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China takes aim at hip-hop, saying 'low-taste content' must stop

China’s censors have a new target in a widespread clamp-down on popular culture: the country’s nascent hip-hop scene, which resonated with Chinese youth last year on hugely popular television show “Rap of China.”


Industrie musicale et conflits au Niger

Situé dans une région de fortes turbulences géopolitiques, le Niger est un vaste espace fragile confronté à des tensions armées récurrentes particulièrement dans le sud-est du pays, où des affrontements appelés par les médias « rébellion touareg » ont repris en 2012.

Music in Africa

Chinese music fans fear rap latest to fall foul of government censors

Chinese news website says ‘artists with tattoos, hip hop music’ to face government broadcast ban, amid tightened government control of the media and arts.

South China Morning Post

An Orchestra to Break 72 Years of Silence

If the populations of two countries but one nation haven't spoken to each other for decades how does one break this silence? When political measures keep failing, can a musical performance challenge the status quo, achieve the unthinkable?


The Trump Protest-Song Boom, in the Eye of History

The year since has seen a flourishing of protest music, extending a preexisting trend in which even the most vanilla pop singer began regularly slinging social causes with their music.

The Atlantic

Egyptian singer Shyma sent to prison for two years over 'explicit' music video

An Egyptian pop singer has been sentenced to two years in prison for "inciting debauchery" after a music video showing her suggestively eating a banana was ruled to be too sexually explicit.

The Telegraph

Téhéran : à la chasse aux chants cachés du shah

A l’image de la répression des mœurs qui alimente les soulèvements actuels, tout un pan de l’histoire musicale de l’Iran et d’ailleurs reste prohibé depuis la révolution islamique.


Germany: Broadcasters refuse to promote musician’s concerts

Five state TV and radio affiliates of Germany’s public broadcasting consortium ARD said they will not promote British musician Roger Waters’ concerts in Berlin and Cologne in 2018 “in reaction to anti-Semitism accusations against him”.


Iran’s Culture Minister Says He’s Trying to “Transform” Conservative Clerics’ Views on Music

Before musicians can perform concerts in Iran without the threat of the authorities suddenly cancelling them, someone has to convince conservative Shia Muslim clerics that music is not un-Islamic.

Iran Human Rights

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