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South Africa Hosts African Music Conference

Cape Town played host to the Breathe Sunshine African Music Conference, a new venture into the development of music produced on the continent.

All Africa

The Women In Charge Of The Band

The narrative of jazz history often credits the music as a powerful, progressive force for racial integration in American culture. But what about gender equality? On that score, jazz in its first few decades would have to be given a less than stellar grade.


Can unions save the creative class?

Being a musician is a good job, but that doesn't mean it's okay to go broke doing it. David Byrne


Somali rapper leads rebirth of music in Mogadishu after years of oppression

When Shiine Akhyaar Ali took to the stage in Mogadishu this week, it was the first time the Somali rap star had performed in his former hometown. It was also the capital's first proper music festival in more than 25 years.

The Guardian

Rome Opera Fights for Survival and Public Loyalty

How does the opera house of a major European city, one that has long struggled to achieve the cachet of the legendary La Scala theater in Milan, try to reverse its fortunes?

The New York Times

Music Advocacy Starts (Where Else?) At Home

Advocacy can be a two-way street and those being advocated will often advocate for their advocates as well. (And, of course, almost everyone advocates for themselves!) In the case of institutions, such as NPR, Columbia, and Impulse!, the underlying reason is to present a prolific artist who will produce a surplus of sellable products.

New Music Box

Opening Ceremony of 5th ASEM Culture Ministers Meeting in Indonesia

The opening ceremony of the 5th ASEM Culture Ministers meeting was inaugurated by Prof.Ir. Wiendu Nuryanti (Vice Minister of Education and Culture of Indonesia Cultural Affairs) at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Yogyakarta.


How deep do the arts council cuts go?

Only weeks after British culture was shown off to the world, the effects of the arts council cutbacks are beginning to be felt. Charlotte Higgins reports


Arts Council England launches employment programme for young people

Today we have launched the Creative employment programme to help young unemployed people find paid entry level work in the arts and cultural sector.

What will the programme do?

The programme is designed to support up to 6,500 new apprenticeships, pre-apprenticeships and paid internships across the arts and cultural sector.

The programme aims to provide unemployed people aged 16-24 (graduate and non-graduate) with paid opportunities to gain access to on the job training, skills and experience in the arts and cultural sector.

The Arts Council is opening a commissioned grant for applications to find a national provider who will deliver the programme.

The launch of the programme comes at a time when many young people across the country are struggling to find paid employment and takes forward one of the Arts Council goals - to create fairer entry routes into the arts and cultural sector and increase workforce diversity as set out in its 10-year plan for the arts, Achieving great art for everyone.

Arts Council England

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