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Lullabies and other music may help sick preemies

Singing or playing womb-like sounds in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) may help slow the heart rate and improve sleep and eating patterns of premature babies, a new study suggests.


Flaunting the Spirit of Support for the Arts

Linz, Austria — This industrial city of almost 200,000 midway between Vienna and Salzburg, and the capital of the state of Upper Austria, has long had a bit of an inferiority complex when it comes to culture.

The New York Times

New music 'rewarding for the brain'

Using MRI scans, a Canadian team of scientists found that areas in the reward centre of the brain became active when people heard a song for the first time.


New study shows different brains have similar responses to music

Do the brains of different people listening to the same piece of music actually respond in the same way? An imaging study by Stanford University School of Medicine scientists says the answer is yes, which may in part explain why music plays such a big role in our social existence.

Medical Express

The Power List: Why Women Aren’t Equals In New Music Leadership and Innovation

I once had a conversation with my violin teacher that I will never forget. I was at a crucial stage in my development as a musician. The path to a career as a professional violinist was becoming clearer to me, and my passion and talent were becoming more evident.

New Music Box

Can Music Be More Effective Than Drugs?

According to a new analysis of 400 published scientific papers, the old adage that "music is medicine" may literally be true. Canadian psychologists from McGill University have shown that the neurochemical benefits of music can boost the body's immune system, reduce anxiety, and help regulate mood.


Jailed Pussy Riot member Nadezhda Tolokonnikova to continue activism

A member of the anti-Kremlin punk band Pussy Riot has vowed to continue her work as a political artist in her first interview with the western media since being sent to prison eight months ago.

The Guardian

“I can understand the boycott on Israel, but you have to play fair” – an interview with Dubi Lenz

Marseille – At Babel Med Music, held in March 2013, News & Noise spoke with Dubi Lenz, broadcaster, artistic director of the Red Sea Jazz Festival, and man of many other virtues. Lenz would rather not politicize music, but as the pressure on artists who want to play in Israel is increasing, there is no way to keep out of the discussion.

News and Noise

South Africa Hosts African Music Conference

Cape Town played host to the Breathe Sunshine African Music Conference, a new venture into the development of music produced on the continent.

All Africa

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