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Pour que revive la musique classique africaine

Des musiciens d’origines africaines vivant au Royaume-Uni tente de remettre au goût du jour les œuvres d’anciennes grandes figures de la musique classique que l’histoire semble vouloir enterrer.

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Conservatism and the Conservatory

The observation is often made that political conservatives do not have anything much to say about the arts, either believing, with the libertarians, that in this matter people should be free to do as they please, or else fearing, like the traditionalists, that a policy for the arts will always be captured by the Left and turned into an assault on our inherited values.

Future Symphony Institute

This new Indian electronic music genre is fusing religion and politics

"Anyone who doesn't believe in our values and wants to go to Pakistan is welcome to go," cries a voice in Hindi, over a thumping electronic beat.


Why Putin is learning to love rap

Russian authorities are canceling shows and cracking down on artists speaking a little too freely.


The Google Campaign to Scare Musicians

Campaigning by the company against new EU legislation focusses on artists, but the implications for its own business model are the big issue.

The Journal of Music

Female artists dominate Grammy Awards

Female musicians who not only write their own lyrics, but produce their songs too, are taking center stage at the 2019 Grammy Awards, a year after female voices were shut of the show’s major categories.


1er Festival de Musique Arabe Engangée

Le festival se veut une plateforme dédiée à la découverte de jeunes talents tunisiens, maghrébins et arabes qui ont choisi de chanter la révolution, la lutte, l’égalité, la paix.


Spotify Now Lets You Completely Mute Artists

Following Spotify’s “Hateful Conduct” policy that was introduced last year, which erased artists such as XXXTentacion and R. Kelly from playlists and promotions due to increasing moral concerns, the streaming giant has now nullified the policy to increase these abilities for its users.


Bridges built by the power of K-pop and J-pop

This year hasn’t been a particularly warm one for the relationship between Japan and South Korea. Ongoing tension stemming from Japan’s colonization of its neighbour up to the end of World War II have bubbled up once again, affecting everything from music to tourism.

The Japan Times

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