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Egypt: Imam suspended for singing song in religious clothing

The Egyptian ministry responsible for religious endowments suspended an imam due to him singing a song on a TV talk show while wearing religious clothing.


Statement on culture in regions and cities

We believe that culture and the arts are the basis and a powerful tool for urban regeneration, development and social cohesion.

Alliance for Culture

Why the Vietnam War Produced Such Iconic Music

But, while the role of music in stateside protest of that era is well-known — with anti-war songs like "I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-to-Die Rag" featured in The Vietnam War — music also played an important role for those who were actually in Vietnam, fighting.


Propriété intellectuelle : sauvons les droits d’auteur !

Le continent africain reste un des plus mauvais élèves de la collecte des droits d’auteur : en 2016, les sommes rassemblées ont certes augmenté de 9,5 %, mais pour atteindre seulement 67 millions d’euros... soit 0,7 % des collectes mondiales.

Jeune Afrique

Egypt: Seven arrested for flying LGBT flag at concert; band banned

Egyptian authorities arrested seven men on 25 September 2017 who have been accused of being gay and promoting homosexuality after they raised a rainbow flag symbolizing the LGBT movement at a concert on Friday 22 September by Lebanese indie rock band Mashrou’ Leila, whose lead singer is openly gay.


Gwo ka: Guadeloupe’s Drums of Discord

For 44 days in 2009, the overseas French administrative district of Guadeloupe was immobilised in an unprecedented general strike.

Red Bull Music Academy

50 Cent says Trump offered him $500,000 to join presidential campaign

The musician and actor was discussing the Trump administration on US radio station Hot 97 when he mentioned the president’s proposal, adding that he believed it was motivated by a desire to appeal to black voters.

The Guardian

Palestinian orchestra uses 'music as resistance'

Despite Israeli restrictions, Gaza-based musicians gave a rare performance with the Palestine Youth Orchestra.

Al Jazeera

Angélique Kidjo : « Toute ma vie, j’ai associé la musique avec l’émancipation des femmes »

Je ne serais pas arrivée là si...mon père n’avait pas mis ses trois filles à l’école. Lui si calme, si digne, si pince-sans-rire, pouvait se transformer en lion furieux sur la question de l’éducation.

Le Monde

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