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Freemuse and P24 call for the Turkish authorities to release detained members of Grup Yorum

Turkish music band Grup Yorum’s members have been on hunger strike since 16 May 2019 in response to the restrictions to their freedom of artistic expression imposed by the authorities, reported Grup Yorum Solidarity Committee.


How Music Copyright Lawsuits Are Scaring Away New Hits

The boom in copyright lawsuits is rattling the music industry — to the point where some artists and songwriters are spending tens of thousands of dollars on insurance policies.

Rolling Stones

Massive Attack touring Europe by train

Massive Attack donated four years of their tour data to a University of Manchester report into the music industry's carbon footprint.


Why Does China Have 1.4 Billion People and No Good Bands?

The most successful Mongolian conquerors since Genghis Khan aren’t on horseback but on the drums.

Foreign Policy

La politique culturelle ouzbèke critiquée par un clip

La chanteuse ouzbèke Lola Yo’ldasheva a sorti un nouveau clip qui aborde avec beaucoup d’humour l’octroi de licences aux musiciens en Ouzbékistan. Malgré le contrôle persistant de l’État sur la musique pop, la vidéo montre une ouverture perceptible ces dernières années.


Cold War Propagandist: Nicolas Nabokov, JFK, and the Shostakovich Wars

We know that a totalitarian society can promote the arts in its own way — that it can arrange for splendid productions of opera and ballet, as it can arrange for the restoration of ancient and historic buildings. But art means more than the resuscitation of the past: it means the free and unconfined search for new ways of expressing the experience of the present and the vision of the future.


It’s Got a Great Beat, and You Can File a Lawsuit to It

Pop music isn’t made in a vacuum. Copying isn’t always bad. And a new trend pulling more pop stars into courtrooms is a dangerous one.

The New York Times

Indigenous song keepers reveal traditional ecological knowledge in music

Since the beginning of time, music has been a way of communicating observations of and experiences about the world. For Indigenous Peoples who have lived within their traditional territories for generations, music is a repository of ecological knowledge, with songs embedding ancestors’ knowledge, teachings and wisdom.

The Conversation

Why Don’t We Appreciate Local Music, And Why We Should

Examined across a lifespan, music is an ecosystem that can improve all our lives. Exposing infants, toddlers and children to music has many benefits. Music in school demands cognitive, organizational and management skills; children in bands and choirs must work well with others, and showing up is a prerequisite.


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