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Piazzolla, lo político, el poder

Que Piazzolla haya sido el músico elegido para el concierto de gala del retorno a la democracia en 1983 habría que interpretarlo como una señal de que sus opiniones y actitudes políticas históricas, mezcla de impulsividad, indiferencia y temor, se han catalizado en la dimensión de su inexorable ética artística.


The History Of K-Pop Has A Lot To Do With Politics

This April, BTS, the biggest group in K-pop, became the most streamed group of all time on Spotify. But the origins of the group, and really K-pop, have an interesting political history.


Broadcaster royalties in Kenya ‘still a huge problem’

The lack of fair compensation of artists by broadcasters has long stunted the growth of the creative industry in Kenya. Broadcasters are the biggest users of creative content, yet they do not pay royalties to rights holders that are commensurate with the revenue they earn from using copyrighted works.

Music in Africa

MPs call for complete reset of music streaming to ensure fair pay for artists

The music industry is weighted against artists, with even successful pop stars seeing "pitiful returns" from streaming, a committee of MPs has said.


Oum Kalsoum, la diva au destin politique

La chanteuse Oum Kalsoum a marqué l’histoire de la musique arabe et celle de son pays, l’Egypte. Plus qu’une chanteuse, elle a aussi été une femme politique, proche de Nasser, un symbole patriotique et une icône dans le monde arabe.

France Musique

Orquestas y propaganda: la agitada historia de la música clásica en la Unión Soviética

A lo largo del siglo XX, la cultura se convirtió en un arma arrojadiza. Un artefacto cuyo control permitía influir en los estados emocionales y anímicos de las masas.

El Español

How Murang’a politics made singer Musaimo the king of benga music

As the General Election fever hit fever pitch in 1979, a titanic battle was brewing in Murang’a’s Kangema Constituency between Joseph Kamotho and John Michuki.

The Standard

Women in jazz still face many barriers to success

It’s a cliché that music is a meritocracy, in which success is seen to arise from a combination of talent and effort.

The Conversation

A year since Blackout Tuesday, has equality in music improved?

Amid the BLM protests of 2020 came a call to make the music industry accountable on race – but while new initiatives are helping, real change is still slow in the UK.

The Guardian

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