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Una industria musical empática con el medio ambiente sí es posible

Este 2022, Bilbao Internacional Music Experience (BIME) regresó para hablar, entre otros aspectos, sobre los retos que enfrenta la industria musical. El evento que funge como un puente entre Europa y América ofreció amplias charlas sobre el papel que juega la música como agente de cambio.


Why do politicians use walk-on music?

Like many a political leader before her Liz Truss turned to pop music to make a big entrance at her annual party conference. It did not go down well with the band who created it - but why do politicians use music like this?


Protests rising as Austrian radio slashes new music

All in all, it’s about at least 575 hours of contemporary, mostly Austrian music that will disappear.

Slipped Disc

15 Essential Iranian Protest Songs in the Wake of Mahsa Amini’s Death

Perhaps the most notable of the recent Iran protest songs is Shervin Hajipour’s “Baraye,” which was written in the wake of Mahsa Amini’s death after being arrested and beaten by Iran’s notorious morality police for not wearing a proper head covering.


What the music industry has that politics doesn’t

Much of the internet and the wider world it seems is buzzing about one woman. She is not elected and does not make policy. Yet, earlier this morning, her fandom briefly caused a streaming platform to crash.


La musique africaine, une résistance à l'esclavage

S'ils ne pouvaient prendre avec eux aucun objet, les esclaves africains ont pourtant emporté ce qui est devenu un cadeau pour toute l'humanité : leur musique.

Radio France

Adidas rompe su alianza con Kanye West por sus comentarios "inaceptables"

West dijo en una entrevista en el podcast Drink Champs que George Floyd, el afroamericano asesinado por un policía en Mineápolis (EE.UU.) en 2020, falleció por consumo de droga y no por la asfixia que le provocó el policía Derek Chauvin, como confirmó la autopsia y la sentencia judicial que condenó al agente.

El Mundo

Iranian Protest Song Dominates Submissions in New Grammy Special Award

An Iranian protest song in response to the death of a Kurdish woman in police custody is flooding the submission box for the Grammys’ newest special award category.


Bad Bunny and the Political History of Reggaeton

The genre is the product of migration, rebirth, and the struggle to be heard.

Foreign Policy

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