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Plácido Domingo and the future of opera

Domingo is the last operatic superstar. What happens to opera after #MeToo allegations bring him down?

The beat goes on

An Accelerator Under-Used?

With only ten years left to deliver on the Global Goals – and clear evidence that we are not on track – there is a pressing need to mobilise all resources, seize every opportunity, and identify every accelerator that can help us get there. One such potential accelerator is culture.


Mandela, un héros en chansons

11 février 1990 : il y a trente ans, Nelson Mandela était libéré après 27 ans de captivité. Le prix Nobel et premier président noir d’Afrique du Sud aura été l’un des hommes les plus chantés de son vivant.

Pan African Music

Egypt bans 'music of the slums'

“Please do not punish my child,” a woman in her 50s tearfully told the reporter of Mehwar TV channel. She offered no name, except to say that she is the mother of Hamo Bika, a popular singer.

Al Monitor

A Senator in Colombia Wants to Censor Reggaetón. Unrelatedly, What Year Is It Again?

Earlier this week, one of Colombia’s senators, Jonatan (Manguito) Tamayo Pérez, proposed that the country partially censor reggaetón through a process of approval that would involve *checks notes* the police or an otherwise hand-selected committee tasked with the apparently vital mission, according to El Tiempo.


We need music to be political, not just entertaining

When the Dixie Chicks criticized the Bush administration for planning to launch a war in Iraq nine days before the president did so in 2003, the Dallas-based band was ostracized, forced to play for smaller audiences for years afterward.

Big Think

Musicians share their air-travel horror stories

As summer festival season ramps up, many musicians will face the travails of travel to perform: visa issues, lost bags and the challenges of getting their gear across borders.

Los Angeles Times

En Arabie saoudite, la chanson de la rappeuse Asayel Slay crée la controverse

Le clip de la chanteuse a déclenché une polémique révélatrice du combat autour de l'évolution des moeurs dans le royaume.

France TV

'Your instrument is your baby': why musicians dread careless airlines

The Malian artist Ballaké Sissoko says US border officials broke his cherished kora. He’s not alone in his plight.

The Guardian

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