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In Puerto Rico, Protest Music Becomes Essential Part of a New Movement Against Corruption

In Puerto Rico, folk genres like bomba, sung and danced by enslaved Africans as a form of rebellion against slave-owners, and plena, a traditional musical styling impoverished jibaros sung to bring attention to their social ills, indicate that music has always been a part of the island’s centuries-long resistance movements.


Exiled Thais behind protest music fear for their lives in Laos after spate of disappearances

The musicians from the band Faiyen fled their homes in 2014, afraid of arrest after a military coup overthrew the elected government.

The Japan Times

Alternative music bands struggle for place in Egypt’s music scene

When alternative bands try to escape political exploitation, they face difficulties in accessing funding from some governmental institutions.

The Arab Weekly

La politique et la musique en République démocratique du Congo

Y aurait-il un lien entre la politique et la musique ? Découvrez comment les musiciens ont influencé la scène politique avant et après l'indépendance du Congo-Kinshasa.

Music in Africa

Massive choir a place for Estonians to find identity, solace

Tens of thousands of Estonians joined in singing folk songs Sunday on the 150th anniversary of a music festival that inspired resistance to Soviet control and later received recognition from the U.N. cultural agency.

Associated Press

South Korean Protest Music Is Inspiring Hong Kong’s Demonstrators

Music has been an integral part of Korea’s long march toward democracy. Today, it’s an inspiration for freedom throughout Asia.

The Nation

Female Musicians Banned From Playing

Female musicians were banned from playing in a charity concert in Qazvin. They were not allowed to even sit among the audience.

Iran HRM

Can festivals and raves coexist with politics?

Can — and should — politics and dance music mix? And if they do, how much impact does one have upon the other? The two have been mixing for years and it’s important to reflect on their impact on one another.

Dance Music NW

It’s Time to Let Classical Music Die

My fellow musicians of color: it is time to accept that we are in an abusive relationship with classical music.

New Music Box

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