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Music, Power, and Politics in 2020

We can learn a lot from public figures about the transformative powers of music.

Psychology Today

The perils of mixing music and politics in Nigeria

Musicians play a prominent role in Nigeria’s dynamic political landscape, especially since the country became a democracy. Politics and music have always enjoyed a symbiotic relationship, even during austere military regimes.

The Conversation

Unprecedented International Coalition led by Performing Arts Organizations to Commission COVID-19 Study

A number of performing arts organizations have joined forces to commission a study on the effects of COVID-19 on the return to the rehearsal hall.


L’ère Meiji ou la musique classique occidentale comme outil politique

La « Daiku » est un symbole fort de l’enracinement de la musique classique occidentale dans la culture et le quotidien des japonais d’aujourd’hui. Mais pour bien comprendre les raisons de cet ancrage surprenant pour un regard européen, c’est sur l’histoire du pays du soleil levant qu’il faut s’attarder, et particulièrement le Japon de Meiji de 1868 à 1912.

Res Musica

Las nuevas luchas de la vieja canción protesta

Del reguetón a Taylor Swift, música y política renuevan votos y  amplifican su poder de transformación social.


Kuwait: singer sentenced to two years in prison for ‘insulting the judiciary’

The Kuwaiti Appeals Court sentenced singer Khaled Al-Mulla to two years in prison for “insulting the judiciary” in a song which aired during a Ramadan television program, as reported by Al Khaleej Today.


'The way I am is an outrage': the Indigenous Brazilian musicians taking back a burning country

A vibrant underground of rap, metal, folk and more is thriving among Brazil’s embattled tribes, who are standing up to Bolsonaro’s environment policies.

The Guardian

Shut Up and Dance: the Hackney rap duo who raved against racism

By accelerating hip-hop breakbeats, and pouring the pain of bigotry and authoritarian rule into music, Carl ‘Smiley’ Hyman and Philip ‘PJ’ Johnson blazed a trail that led to rave and jungle.

The Guardian

Trump et la musique : histoire d'un fiasco de campagne

Si le locataire de la Maison Blanche a essayé, comme tous ses prédécesseurs, d'utiliser l'industrie musicale à son avantage, il a surtout suscité l'embarras plus qu'aucun autre.


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