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Meet The Black Women Working To Make The Music Industry More Equitable For Artists

It’s no secret both industry insiders and music fans have taken issue with the way Black artists have been recognized by the Grammy Awards over time.


"Patria y vida", la chanson contestataire devenue virale qui hérisse le gouvernement cubain

Devenue virale sur les réseaux sociaux en prenant le contrepied du slogan révolutionnaire "Patria o muerte", la chanson est perçue comme une provocation par le gouvernement socialiste de La Havane.

France TV

El blues no es solo música política

El blues nace en un periodo histórico más opresor hacia las personas negras, aunque el racismo se manifestara con dureza también en los años 80 o 90. El blues nace de un contexto de conflicto, surgido de la esclavitud, la migración forzada, trabajos de 12 horas prácticamente sin asalariar.

El Salto

Obscure Musicology Journal Sparks Battles Over Race and Free Speech

A periodical devoted to the study of a long-dead European music theorist is an unlikely suspect to spark an explosive battle over race and free speech.

The New York Times

The State of Artistic Freedom 2021

This year’s report documents an analysis of 978 acts of violations of artistic freedom in 2020 in 89 countries and online spaces. 17 artists were killed, 82 were imprisoned and 133 detained.


Kazakh pop stars Ninety One break 'taboo' on political lyrics

References to George Orwell and Aldous Huxley are not exactly what one expects to hear in a pop song, least of all in the Central Asian nation of Kazakhstan where the political scene has been dominated by one party for almost three decades.


On a oublié le rôle joué par la musique dans les luttes politiques de l’époque

Le journaliste britannique Joe Muggs est un chroniqueur essentiel de la musique électronique de ces dernières années. Dans Bass, Mids, Tops, il revient à travers une série d’entretiens sur une histoire méconnue, celle des sound-systems au Royaume-Uni.


La canción “Patria y Vida” inflama la pugna cultural sobre Cuba

El dúo de Gente de Zona, los cantautores Descemer Bueno y Yotuel Romero del grupo Orishas, y los raperos Maykel Osorbo y El Funky, lanzan una canción que desafía al gobierno socialista cubano.


Interview with Jota Ramos, Colombian rapper targeted because of his activism

At the beginning of 2020, Colombian rapper Jota Ramos returned to Villa Rica in Colombia after completing Amnesty International’s protection programme for his activism work concerning peace and sustainable agriculture production in Cauca, which allowed him to live abroad in 2019.


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