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Cradle Of Black Pride: Haiti, Dominican Republic And The Music In Between

When it gained independence in 1804, Haiti was the first independent nation of Latin America and the Caribbean. But beyond that, it became the only nation in the world established as the result of a successful slave revolt, as well as the second republic in the Americas.


Girls-only course aims to tackle shortage of female conductors

Eight teenagers take part in three-weekend course after furore over first woman to conduct Last Night of the Proms.

The Guardian

Korea's K-pop stars have to dance around... the censors

K-pop (Korean pop) has dominated the Asian music market for several years, making South Korea seem like the perfect place for any young artist dreaming of producing a mega-hit. That is, as long as the musician can maneuver around the censors.


The Oslo Call

"Representatives from musicians' unions in more than 30 countries, meeting in Oslo on February 26, 2014, express their deepest concern about the situation of symphony and opera orchestras around the world.


Religious extremism disastrous to music in Pakistan

Since 2001, 12 women have been reportedly killed because of their direct involvement in music in North Western Pakistan. Approximately 600 musicians suffered due to the closure of Dabgari Bazar during the MMA government.


La culture se mobilise pour la Centrafrique

« À travers le spectacle, le plaisir, le public qui viendra voir et qui va sourire avec nous, qui va réfléchir et penser avec nous, nous pensons que nous pourrions apporter notre petite pierre à la réconciliation de ce pays. »


Young musicians to 'miss out' after scrapping of EU download levy

Plans by the European Union to raise a levy on the sale of iPads and tablets to help young musicians benefit from downloads have been blocked by the British government.

The Telegraph

Music: The Secret to Middle East Peace?

You may be surprised to learn that music can be a unifying factor for Arabs and Israelis. After all, both have common ethnic, cultural and linguistic origins.


Syria: The soundtrack of Syrian resistance

Music has been at the core of the Syrian uprising since its beginning in 2011, and for the same reason musicians have been killed and are being silenced by force.


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