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A beloved Iranian singer releases a music video in support of gay rights

On Valentine's Day, the famous Iranian pop singer Googoosh released a music video that has stirred debate in the Iranian community, both inside and outside the country.


El Sistema must make a stand in Venezuela

El Sistema has a duty to speak out: "No more excuses, no more 'Artists are above and beyond everything'."

The Telegraph

Chile: Artists and managers discuss changes in the Cultural Donations Law

The Cultural Donations Law is a mechanism that encourages private companies or individuals to support art and culture projects. It aims to promote the cultural development of the country, to provide new sources of financing for culture and promote access to art, heritage and cultural projects.


2014: Another Year Of Music Censorship...

Music censorship is shaping the way we perceive society and music. Sometimes, certain songs are simply banned from being broadcasted on the radio. In worse cases however, artists have to flee their country, are imprisoned or, worst, are killed.

World Music Network

The Israeli and Palestinian heavy metal bands head-banging for Middle East peace

Many Israelis and Palestinians have long felt as if they have been knocking their heads against a brick wall in the pursuit of a solution to their conflict.

The Indipendent

Tunisian B-Boys’ Biggest Battle: Keeping Youths From Extremism

"It is important the youth are acculturated, and then they can go towards the Salafis, and that is O.K. If you don't have that, you become a kid with nothing, and alienated in society."

The New York Times

Syria: Music banned in northern province

In a statement, the organisation The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant has "banned music and songs in cars, at parties, in shops and in public, as well as photographs of people in shop windows," warning that "whoever violates these rules will subject themselves to the necessary Sharia punishment."


Angola: Culture Minister Wants Youth to Invest in Semba Music Style

The minister of Culture, Rosa Cruz e Silva, reaffirmed on Sunday in Luanda the need for young Angolan musicians to invest strongly and seriously in the preservation of the music style of Semba, characteristic of the country as a way to keep it in the spotlight.

Angola Press

The European Parliament adopts new regulation facilitating transport of musical instruments in cabins

On the 5 February 2014, the European Parliament adopted the text reviewing community regulation 2027/97, certain provisions of which aim to facilitate the transport of musical instruments on board planes as hand luggage.



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