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How CBC Radio Used To Share Canadian Music with the World

The creation of original Canadian compositions, for use in its music programs, was at the core of the mandate of CBC Radio from its beginning.

The Whole Note

Under the guns: Kashmiri girls help preserve Sufi music traditions

When Kashmiri teenager Shabnam Bashir first took up classical Sufi music three years ago, she had to practice singing in secret because all the men in her family opposed her new passion.

The News

Racist Band Names Are Protected Free Speech, Supreme Court Says…

The Supreme Court just dropped a seriously anti-PC decision this morning. And you have the band ‘The Slants’ to thank for it. So who are The Slants? Well, they’re a group a Asian-Americans that purposely owned the racist term and made it a band name.

Digital Music News

India's Reggae Resistance: Defending Dissent Under Modi

An Indian reggae musician builds a Jamaican-style sound system to energise a wave of protests defending free speech.

Al Jazeera

Long-silenced songs of Holocaust survivors are rediscovered

When the death camps and ghettos of Europe were liberated at the end of World War II, a psychologist from Chicago visited former prisoners and recorded their interviews. Unheard for decades, a long-missing reel of songs has been rediscovered, offering a haunting document of the horrors of the Holocaust.


Congo-Kinshasa: Paris - La préfecture de police interdit le concert de Fally Ipupa à La Cigale

Dans l'arrêté publié sur son site Internet, la préfecture de police de Paris évoque «des risques de troubles graves à l'ordre public que ce concert était susceptible de générer».

All Africa

Music - a secret diplomatic tool?

Can music really build bridges of understanding amid conflicts? Participants at the 2017 European Forum on Music in Cyprus think so, though they admit that music can also become a weapon.


No Korean Music in China, For the Foreseeable Future

Last year, South Korea deploys a US-built missile defence system to defend against their belligerent North Korean neighbor. In response, China institutes a hard (but unstated) ban on all Korean cultural exports.

China Music Radar

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