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India: 'Guddu Rangeela' in the midst of the 'Mata Ka Email' song controversy t

In the film, Guddu and Rangeela are two small-time orchestra singers based in Haryana, who sing a song 'Mata Ka Email' that has the following lyrics — 'Kal Raat Mata Ka Mujhe Email Aaya Hai, Mata Ne Mujhko Facebook Pe Bulaya Hai'.

The Economic Times

Singapore: Music video banned for its pro-LGBT content

The government's Media Development Authority has confirmed that it advised local broadcasters in Singapore not to air the music video because of 'mature content'.

Global Voices

Ethiopia: The Poetics and Politics of Oromo Resistance

Stripped of agency, voice, and visibility, the Oromo use poetry, music, and storytelling both to articulate their experiences of marginalization and to resist forms of knowledge and modes of interpretation used to legitimize their oppression.

All Africa

President Obama's 'Amazing Grace' moment and the power of spontaneous song

When President Obama broke out in a not-quite-perfect rendition of "Amazing Grace" at the funeral of the Rev. Clementa C. Pinckney in Charleston, S.C., on Friday, he brought the room to its feet and resonated with a TV audience in a way you don't often see at political appearances.

LA Times

Saudi Arabia: Concert with mixed gender audience cancelled

Apparently the concert audience was planned to be of 'mixed gender', which incited an opposition campaign against the concert on social media.


Fair Internet for performers!

The Internet is for everyone.
However, today, whether they are famous or not, performers are still not fairly rewarded when their performances are exploited via online on demand services.

Fair Internet

India: Igniting the passion in education through music

Vetti Yovdhan creates awareness among adivasis through his folk songs and dances.

The Hindu

Country radio consultant: 'If you want to make ratings in country radio, take females out'

A country radio consultant has ignited a war of words among musicians and fans for referring to female musicians as "the tomatoes of our salad," and suggesting that stations play fewer records by female artists if they want to improve their ratings.

LA Times

Morocco: The musicians fighting back against extremism

Morocco's Gnawa festival attracts hundreds of thousands of people - but it's about more than music and colour.


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