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Tibet/China: Censored poet and exiled musician sidetrack oppression

hanks to Internet connectivity, Tibetan artists inside and outside Tibet are finding new ways to communicate and collaborate. But to the Tibetans inside Tibet, this is at a high risk.


Marc Ribot Talks Respecting Artists’ Rights

The legendary guitarist and activist shows how content creators aren't getting a fair shake from the big tech giants, and why we all should care.

The Talkhouse

Do you hear the people sing? Music and protest in the street

In a crowd, nuance fades away of course. When the argument is literally framed by a fence in the street, the question of "which side are you on?"

New Music Box

Morocco: Rapper El Haqed speaks of freedom and flaws

If the Moroccan authorities meant to silence the dissident Moroccan rapper El Haqed by locking him up in a prison cell on trumped up charges, it didn't work.


Imbroglio sur la réforme du copyright

La Commission européenne a lancé une vaste consultation sur la réforme du copyright qui a recueilli 9 500 contributions d'utilisateurs et de consommateurs... Et personne n'est d'accord.

Les Echos

Pakistan: Rock guitarist keeps music scene alive despite state-wide fear and censorship

Pakistan is internationally known for its state-sponsored censorship and terrorists' attacks on musicians and music shops. But in the capital, the music scene is in a fast transition.


South Sudan's Hip Hop Artists Call for Peace and Reconciliation Through the Unhip Practice of Farming

"Let's work hard to stop war and develop our country. The future of South Sudan relies on its youth. Hunger is something we can fight."

All Africa

Algérie: Il n’y a pas de société sans artistes

Le compositeur de musique Safy Boutella, ne s'accommode jamais de demi-mesures ni même d'une simple derbouka.


BBC accused of editing out new music from Proms on television

Composers left disappointed by broadcaster's decision to cut works out of televised versions as BBC blames scheduling.

The Guardian

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