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Rwanda: How Music Has Healed the Genocide Wounds

Music transcends barriers and borders. It's the language everyone understands regardless of their tribe or race.

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EBU/GESAC/ICMP/ECSA Recommendation Sets Principles For Online Licensing

The Recommendation establishes common principles that strike a balance between the stakeholders' interests and objectives to lead to the cross-border licensing of public service broadcasters.


La musique pour révolutionner l'agriculture en Afrique !

Des stars de la musique africaine et one.org, une ONG qui mène campagne pour sensibiliser le plus grand nombre de citoyens sur les enjeux liés au développement, lancent « Cocoa 'na Chocolate » pour sensibiliser les jeunes sur l'avenir que représente l'agriculture.

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Jorma Panula claims women should not be conductors

In an interview published by the Finnish news broadcaster MTV, Panula was bluntly asked if it is a good thing that women conductors enter the profession. Panula replied with a firm "I do not!"


Belarus: Outspoken musicians endangered

While governmental booking agencies earn money on organising concerts of international superstars in the Minsk Arena for certain Belarusian bands and musicians Belarus is still not a normal country.


Music & Politics: A shared responsibility

The 4th EMC European Forum on Music will take place in Bern in June 2014 and will evolve around the theme "Music & Politics: A shared responsibility". The widely acclaimed slogan "unity in diversity" is claimed by both the European Union and Switzerland as one of their main characteristics. What does this diversity look like? What are the challenges of it? And how is this diversity reflected in Europe?

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The soundtrack of Chile's student protests

There's been a lot of rising up in Chile since 2011, primarily student protests. Tijoux's songs have been the soundtrack to a lot of those protests, which she says are far from over.


Nigeria: Issues With Trending Nigerian Music Videos

"I will advise the youth to stay away from music videos that promote nudity and other immoral behaviors because what the eye does not see, the heart cannot grieve about it".

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Tunisie: L'incarcération d'un rappeur suscite le débat

"J'ai beaucoup appris en prison", a déclaré Kafon à Magharebia. "Je crois désormais que tous les Tunisiens sont en liberté conditionnelle, du fait de la situation dans laquelle se trouve notre pays."

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