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YouTube Blocks Rap Song Critical of Thai Monarchy

A music video by Thailand’s foremost dissent rap group was blocked by YouTube as of Monday night.


Seeking justice for Lion Sleeps Tonight composer

Zimbabwean music mogul Munya Chanetsa felt his hackles rise when he learnt about the royalties battles that have been fought over the song Mbube - also known as The Lion Sleeps Tonight.


Copyright infringement – music lesson or public performance?

Imagine that you have a daughter who likes to play the piano and is enthusiastic about improving her musical skills and experience. She finds music lessons in your neighbourhood and asks you to let her attend. At her lessons she purchases a score and plays recent, popular songs on the piano with her teacher; but one day, someone knocks on the classroom door and states that the music lessons are infringing copyright.


Barakina, le rappeur nigérien qui dénonce la mal gouvernance

Dans un pays où le désert domine le paysage, la scène musicale populaire du Niger est resté longtemps méconnue. C'est pourquoi il était formidable d'entendre Barakina sur l'émission phare de la BBC "This Is Africa". Un homme qui a de grandes ambitions pour son pays - et pour le continent.


Ana Tijoux: “Siempre me ha gustado la política pero no me interesa el poder, porque poder ya tengo”

Elegida por la BBC entre las 100 mujeres más influyentes de 2020, la solista habla con Culto de procesos sociales, su debut editorial y su intención de ir como constituyente.

La Tercera

The Changing Nature of Protest in Jazz

From the stage at Carnegie Hall in 1912 to the streets of Minneapolis in 2020, jazz has always “demanded.” But not always in the same way.

Jazz Times

2020 Was The Year Of Protest Music

One of the most striking ways we'll remember the music of 2020 — a year of serious social reckoning, especially during the resurgence of Black Lives Matter protests in the wake of the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May — was by the sounds of protest.


Life and Hip-Hop: Examining the complex relationship between music and politics

The impact of music extends far beyond the play and pause buttons. Formed in the 1970s as an underground movement, hip-hop has expanded into various art forms and musical subgenres – with rap specifically being one of the most popular musical styles among today’s youth.

Daily Bruin

‘Cold, hard numbers’ capture opera’s staggering gender inequities

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, or so the old joke goes. But according to a new analysis of systemic gender discrimination in the opera industry, if you’re a classical singer, you’ll have a much easier time getting there if you’re a man.

The Boston Globe

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