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Nigeria: Femi Kuti recalls his father's legacy of activism and creativity

Political firebrand, musical innovator, Nigerian folk-hero, rebel and global icon Fela Kuti was a figure eminently ahead of his time.


Afrique du Sud: La longue tradition de lutte chez les musiciens

De Johnny Cleg à Miriam Makeba, l'histoire de lutte de l'Afrique du Sud sous l'apartheid est aussi une succession infinie d'engagements par les arts.

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The future of new music is at risk if we continue to undervalue composers

Professional composers are being asked to create new pieces for 'shockingly low' fees, Sound and Music report finds.

The Guardian

Congo-Brazzaville: L'assemblée générale du CAM s'ouvre à Brazzaville

La 4e assemblée générale du Conseil africain de la musique (CAM) a débuté ce matin à Brazzaville en présence des États membres.

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Zimbabwe: Is a Music Policy Possible?

It is now a year since the formation of the Ministry of Sport, Arts and Culture. We had campaigned hard for the establishment of such a ministry but we have since realised that the ministry seems to be focused on sports only.

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Tunisia Promotes Peace Through Song

Tunisia's popular Hammamet International Festival celebrates its 50th anniversary this year by promoting peace, religious tolerance and unity.

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Understanding the value and impacts of cultural experiences

This review helps us understand how others have asked or considered the question 'what value do personal experiences of art and culture have for people?

Arts Council UK

La débâcle politique et militaire en Irak et la musique...

Classifiée par les agences de presse et les médias entre information de politique étrangère et vie culturelle musicale, la dépêche peine à être diffusée auprès du grand public.


Of New Music an the 99%

Some of the ways in which music makers are agitating for better pay and working conditions in various parts of the industry.

New Music Box

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