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South Korea: TV bans sexy music video

Though K-pop has been on the rise for several years after the government lifted bans on music in its democratic turn, artists still have to contend with the government’s vague regulations in its censorship system.


Franco-Arabic Rappers in Paris

Franco-Arabic rappers of an Islamic persuasion are the talk of Paris right now, and for all the right reasons.

Fact Magazine

Smockey: L'art est profondément rebelle, subversif, effronté, insolent...

Le rappeur Smockey et le vice-président exécutif du CIM Alfons Karabuda dans un panel organisé par le Conseil international de la musique à Visa for Music à Rabat, quelques heures avant les attentats qui ont choqué Paris.


Iran: 26 popular singers banned from performing

The Intelligence Ministry banned 26 popular musicians and singers from performing in Iran after their music was aired by networks abroad.


Toronto bans music festival from city square over Christian songs

The City of Toronto is refusing to grant a Christian group a permit to use a prominent downtown square for its annual musical festival next year, because the city has decided that singing the name of Jesus in the public venue contravenes city policy against “proselytizing.”

Life Site

Unilever, clean up your mess!

To complain about gum and skin allergies is not very sexy. How clever of campaigning organization Jhatkaa to ask rapper Sofia Ashraf to help out.

News and Noise

Zimbabwe: Censorship board should be abolished

Zimbabwe should abolish the censorship board and other bodies censoring or regulating artistic expressions in order to comply with Zimbabwe’s new constitution.


United Arab Emirates: Heavy metal concert cancelled

"Dear fans in Dubai, it is with great sadness we have to announce that our show on halloween is cancelled. We received notice from the promoter today that an angry parent had written the authorities about us performing and being appalled by our lyrics/themes/videos and the government decided to force the promoter to cancel and prosecute them."

Jor Zine

Guerre des quotas de musique française à la radio : la France et son léger problème avec le rap

Alors que le rap français devrait être favorisé par la règle des quotas, à la radio - comme à la télévision d’ailleurs – ce genre musical est très faiblement représenté.


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