Music the artform and artists

Les années fastes du folk

Dans les années 60, un courant «trad», souvent régionaliste et contestataire, essaime en France autour de figures comme Alan Stivell ou Malicorne. Jusqu’à l’arrivée du punk.


A Guide to Northern Mexico’s Thriving Psych Scene

Historically, northern Mexico has the distinction of being the most fertile region in the country in terms of music, so it’s no surprise that some of the best psych bands currently playing come from there.


A Wunderkind at 100

Leonard Bernstein prophesied an American classical music; his disillusionment and disappointments mirrored the nation’s.

The Weekly Standard

Four radical and radically original pieces of music that blew up the modernist status quo in 1968

It all somehow happened around the same time. And to a significant, if little acknowledged extent, the Bay Area was the stimulus for much of its mind-set.

Los Angeles Times

‘We Don’t Perform for People, We Perform for the Gods’

A community has formed around Chinese opera in Thailand, preserving one of the oldest dramatic art forms in the world.

The New York Times

Nigeria : à Lagos, les musiciens virent leur Kuti

La mégalopole fourmille de nouveaux talents qui chantent leur désir de réussite, tels Wizkid et Davido. Une afropop moins revendicative que libératrice, aux aspirations contestataires bien éloignées de celles de Fela Kuti, leur illustre prédécesseur militant.


Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?

How a Russian Jewish lullaby turned into the anthem of the forgotten men and women of our country


The Lost Classics

A great deal is known about Greek instruments. Some archaeological remains have been found, mostly of pipes, and occasionally even of lyres.

History Today

Making opera a living art form, not a museum art form

That term “a living art form” translates into three things: new works, new artists and new audiences.


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