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Music the artform and artists

The story of morna: Cape Verde’s music of displacement and return

How a music shaped by slavery, epidemics, famine and mass migration travelled the world, narrating stories of suffering and resistance.

Al Jazeera

How Roblox Sparked a Chaotic Music Scene

Players can customize their own worlds on the platform. Many illegally upload songs — called “bypassing audio” — and some make intense tracks in a new genre, robloxcore.

The New York Times

How Did They Make That?

The process of making musical instrument is generally out of the public eye, and there’s often a mystique about how those particular tools-of-the-trade are created.

San Francisco Classical Voice

Omar Khorshid, le pharaon de la guitare électrique égyptienne

Omar Khorshid s'est assoupli les doigts dans un conservatoire grec du Caire, faute de pouvoir apprendre la guitare dans une école égyptienne où cet objet barbare ne fait alors pas partie du programme.


Pasados posibles de la música popular: narrativas históricas del jazz y del rock

Anualmente se publican decenas de historias del jazz y del rock. No podía ser de otra forma en dos temas tan mediados por la pervivencia del pasado. Sin embargo, las reflexiones historiográficas no han sido abundantes en los estudios sobre música popular.

El Oriente

Not Your Abuela's Music: A Deep Dive Into Mexican Regional Music

What's important to remember is that "Mexican Regional" is a catch-all term. Historically, accordions have been king as these styles travelled north and south, so most of the conversations around this music are dominated by corridos and boleros performed in the norteño style.


What Makes Music Universal

In the past two years, the debate over whether music is universal, or even whether that debate has merit, has raged like a battle of the bands among scientists. The stage has expanded from musicology to evolutionary biology to cultural anthropology.


One Violinist, One Violin… and Six Armed Guards

When Niccolò Paganini, around 1802, needed a powerful new violin, he found (or was given) an instrument by Guarneri del Gesù. It had been made in 1743, near the end of the great luthier’s career.


Les tribulations africaines de Bob Marley

Du pèlerinage en Éthiopie à la consécration au Zimbabwe en passant par les concerts ambivalents au Gabon, les trois séjours effectués en Afrique par Bob Marley ont été des moments clés de la carrière et de la vie de la première star issue du tiers monde. Quarante ans après sa disparition survenue le 11 mai 1981, le roi du reggae a conservé sur le continent sa dimension iconique.


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