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Metal: de música de nicho a fenómeno de masas

Como muchas otras variantes del rock, el metal surgió desde el mundo "underground" y fue acaparando atención masiva con el paso de los años.


IMC Hidden Treasures Mixtape

Since 1955, among the 600+ composers selected and recommended at the International Rostrum of Composers, only 47 were women, representing roughly 7% of the total. The Hidden Treasures Mixtape offers the opportunity to (re)discover hidden gems composed by women and offer them the recognition they deserv(ed).

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Yaadt music, a people’s expression

The history of yaadt music, a sound born in the Cape and its surrounding towns, is shrouded in obscurity and erasure – just like the history of the people to whom it belongs. It is made in communion. As a sound, yaadt is rooted in muscle-memory and expressed in action.

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10 Latin Music Stories That Changed the Game in 2020

The past year was tough, agonizing and unprecedented. But in terms of music, 2020 was our Latin year.


5 Minutes That Will Make You Love the Flute

It’s an instrument based on the most fundamental sign of life: breath. Listen to the best music ever written for it.

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Phil Spector, démiurge dérangé de la pop

L’homme qui avait voulu donner ses lettres de noblesse à la pop est mort dans une geôle californienne, à l’âge de 81 ans.

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Sandro, el padre del rock and roll argentino

Sandro nació el 19 de agosto de 1945 en Buenos Aires. Sus padres, Vicente Sánchez e Irma Ocampo, quisieron ponerle el nombre de Sandro, pero las autoridades del Registro Civil no se lo permitieron y por eso lo inscribieron como Roberto Sánchez. Sin embargo, durante toda su carrera se identificó como Sandro o Sandro de América.


African musicians who impressed in 2020

This year has been a difficult one for most creatives, who suffered a big blow due to the COVID-19 pandemic. On the organisational side, concerts, festivals and awards ceremonies were postponed or made the transition to digital, which, in general, yielded less profits for those involved.

Music in Africa

All Alone With a Microphone

In 2020, pop learned how much simple physical proximity affects music, and how to cope with isolation.

New York Times

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