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Music the artform and artists

New York’s Hispanic influence

Recognized as the world’s cultural epicenter, much of New York City’s influence on popular music around the world comes from the Latinos that live and perform there.

El País

A lost Yiddish opera complete

How a composer, librettist and historian filled in the blanks on the missing masterpiece 'Bas Sheve'.


On the record

Can we really know what Enrico Caruso sounded like, from the records he made at the dawn of recordings, at the dawn of the twentieth century? We get a very helpful approximation. What our ears miss, our imaginations can fill in.

The New Criterion

The Monks Who Took the Kora to Church

Sixty years ago, a Senegalese monastery gave up the organ for the kora, a traditional calabash harp. The monks’ innovations brought the instrument to the world stage—and transformed sacred music.

The New Yorker

Vous avez aimé la K-pop ? Alors vous allez adorer la T-pop !

Les labels thaïlandais reprennent à leur compte les recettes qui ont permis à la pop sud-coréenne de s’imposer à l’international. Des efforts que le pouvoir autoritaire qui règne sur le pays voit d’un très bon œil.

Courrier International

Chile: Compositora mapuche Elisa Avendaño Curaqueo gana el Premio Nacional de Música 2022

La ministra Julieta Brodsky expresó a través de Twitter que “siento una profunda emoción por entregar por primera vez el #PremioNacionalMúsica 2022 a una representante de los pueblos originarios de nuestro país: Elisa Avendaño Curaqueo, compositora (ülkantufe) e intérprete, figura clave para la revitalización de la cultura de su pueblo”.

ADN Radio

Unique And Unusual Musical Instruments From The Middle East

The Middle East is renowned the world over for its rich cultural history, and in particular its music, from the mesmerising lyrics of Abdel Halim Hafez to the tantalising voice of Um Kalthoum.

Scoop Empire

Kaija Saariaho, a composer with ears wide open

As a youngster, when Kaija Saariaho laid down in bed at night, she couldn't stop the music churning in her head. She'd ask her mother to "turn off" the pillow, thinking the sounds were emanating from there — but this music was her own invention, an early mark of a teeming imagination.


Hundred years of pop music in Nigeria: what shaped four eras

In Nigeria, the shutdown of concerts and public music performances was swift. Not even the Nigerian-Biafran War of 1967 to 1970 could shut down all of Nigeria. In fact, popular music activities boomed in Lagos as bombs rained on Biafra.

Music in Africa

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