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“Hearing” the Hammond Organ

The Hammond Organ was the first electronic musical instrument to become commercially successful.

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The New Generation of LA Rap Is Changing Everything

A group of rappers and producers are reimagining not just the sound of Los Angeles, but its slang, its fashion sense, and the cultural divide between blacks and latinos.


Pop 2.0: how globalised music created a new kind of star

English is no longer the lingua franca of pop music, and its alpha stars – Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga – are an endangered species.

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Bob Marley - 37 ans après sa mort, sa musique se bonifie et la légende persiste!

37 ans après sa mort, l'on constate que celui qui est considéré à juste titre comme le "Pape" du reggae est resté dans la conscience collective. La légende est belle et bien vivante.

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Polar Music Prize 2019

The values promoted by the Polar Music Prize strongly echo with our own values that are embodied in the IMC Five Music Rights, which advocate for access to music education and musical participation as well as freedom of expression through music for every child and adult while defending the right of musical artists to be recognised as artists, to obtain fair remuneration for their work and to be given access to professional training, media and work facilities.

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Spiritual music in Lesotho

In Lesotho, like in many other parts of sub-Saharan Africa, spirituality is a treasured facet of life. This is evidenced by the many customs, rituals and cultural practices associated with it.

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“Splendid Sonority and Vivid Expressiveness”: The Theremin before Sci-Fi

The instrument has a reputation as an oddball, by virtue of its unusual method of playing without touch (players control pitch and volume by moving their arms in proximity to two antennae), its notoriously slippery chromatic sound, and its association with all things alien and strange.

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Latin Artists Changed Trap Music Forever — R&B Is Next

“The influence of R&B on Latin music gets stronger every day,” says Jorge Fonseca, an A&R at Sony Latin who played a role in the rise of Latin trap.

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Nos goûts musicaux ont peut-être une origine culturelle

Les scientifiques pensaient que notre affection pour certaines musiques était enracinée dans notre cerveau. Mais une nouvelle étude suggère que nos goûts musicaux seraient plutôt liés à nos origines culturelles.


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