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The electric guitar wasn't built for rock musicians

The birth of the electric guitar created a new genre of music — rock ‘n’ roll. But the inventors who developed the solid-body electric guitar, Leo Fender and Les Paul, could hardly have imagined the chain of events that the instrument would spark.


2009 Created The Blueprint For Pop Music As We Know It

2009 was one of the most, if not the most, influential year for pop music this millennium.


Notre-Dame de Paris : Avant Quasimodo, la naissance de la musique écrite

A l’origine vaste Maison du Peuple animée par des jongleurs et des théâtreux, elle avait abrité, à la fin du XIIe siècle et au début du XIIIe, la naissance de ce qui allait devenir la musique savante européenne.


What Makes Music Special to Us?

We are all born with a predisposition for music, a predisposition that develops spontaneously and is refined by listening to music.


The Myth of the Composer-Genius

Take a moment to picture a composer-genius in your head. What do they look like? Chances are, they are a male of European descent, someone like Bach, Mozart, or Beethoven.

I Care if You Listen

Meet the South African Queens of Gqom Music

South African gqom music used to be a boy's game. The Durban-born house genre (pronounced "gome" with a click at the beginning) first emerged from townships just before 2010.

Paper Mag

How the 45 RPM Single Changed Music Forever

Charting the rise, fall, resurrection and legacy of the beloved vinyl format, which helped bring rock & roll to the masses.

Rolling Stones

Folk des années 1920, musique pop actuelle

Histoire d'un album qui a inspiré les plus grands.

La Libre

Late Prof. Nketia was an outstanding cultural icon

“His works largely provided an avenue for the post-Colonial African to reinforce his new identity and express his ‘Africaness’ with confidence”.

Ghana News Agency

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