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Rachid Taha

Was it The Clash that influenced Rachid Taha or Rachid Taha who influenced The Clash? The Algerian-born singer, who has died aged 59, told a story of how he met the punk icons in Paris in 1981.

The Independent

Cardi B Is Now the First Female Rapper With Three No. 1 Singles On Billboard’s Hot 100

Cardi B’s had quite the year.


Dissing the Comptetition

Yet another “pay to enter” composer competition is making its annual rounds. It appeared in my inbox the other day and became part of the groggy ritual of email sorting and morning coffee reading.

New Music Box

Les femmes dans la musique bissau-guinéenne

Traditionnellement, les femmes sont peu présentes dans la musique de Guinée Bissau hormis dans quelques styles comme les rythmes tina, forme de sega de Guinée Bissau.

Music in Africa

Musical pleasures

We know music is pleasurable, the question is why? Many answers have been proposed: perhaps none are quite right.


Experimental Labels From Latin America You Should Be Listening To

No surprise that Latin America has been home to sound experimentalists for many years. Pre-Columbian cultures used tonalities, instruments, and textures that may seem noisy to our ears now, and much of it was incorporated into early and mid-20th century composition styles throughout the region.


Giant Steps

Listening to jazz is a bit of a lost art in our ADD age, where we are constantly checking and updating our social media profiles, posting pictures and texts, commenting, liking, tweeting and retweeting, perpetuating a discourse that is everywhere and nowhere.

The Smart Set

How to listen to new music

You know it when you hear it in a scary movie or sandwiched between Mozart and Beethoven at a concert: contemporary classical music, or "new music" for short.


La valorisation des instruments de musique traditionnels africains est un enjeu crucial

Même si de plus en plus la collecte, la préservation et la valorisation des instruments de musique traditionnels sont intégrées dans les politiques culturelles des pays africains, il n'est que rarement mis au cœur des projets visant à valoriser la culture africaine alors qu'elle est centrale.

Music in Africa

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