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Diversité et rythme traditionnel au Sénégal

La musique traditionnelle est vie car elle est porteuse d’identité et de valeurs culturelles. « Elle est inscrite au cœur de la communauté, qui la porte jalousement et passionnément en elle, parce qu’elle est un legs, parce qu’elle est un héritage reçu des ancêtres aux fins de la transmettre aux générations suivantes »

Music in Africa

New attitudes to music-making

Genre classifications are essentially backward-looking, convenient for characterising the art of the past, but not the present.

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Removing barriers to new music

Contemporary music as a niche genre is a big risk with a lot of question marks, with generally lesser-known composer and performer names, and few points of reference in daily life for what the music sounds like.

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Frippertronics: How Robert Fripp and Brian Eno Introduced Looping to the World

Frippertronics is a tape looping method popularised by guitar virtuoso Robert Fripp. Looping may not seem like a new idea – you’re likely to find a loop pedal under the foot of most street buskers – however, in 1972, the musical world had never seen anything quite like it.

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'A new room in the Great Pyramid': lost 1963 John Coltrane album discovered

An album of previously unheard original compositions by the legendary jazz saxophonist has been discovered, 55 years after its recording.

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The World’s Best Violins Sing Like Humans

In 1751, the Renowned Italian violinist Francesco Geminiani took a break from bowing and set pen to paper. He aimed to distill his decades of experience into a treatise on how best to approach his preferred instrument.

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Les femmes dans la musique en Guinée équatoriale

En Guinée équatoriale, la musique généralement est une affaire d’hommes. Exception faites des femmes griots.

Music in Africa

Results of the 65th International Rostrum of Composers

Quake (2018) by Icelandic composer Páll Ragnar Pálsson (born 1977) and Le café de nuit (2017) by the young Dutch composer Jan-Peter de Graaff (born 1992) are the works selected by radio music producers participating in the 65th International Rostrum of Composers (IRC) held in Budapest.


Jesuit Legacy in the Bolivian Jungle

The aging musical score wasn’t easy to read. It was a copy of a copy of a Latin Mass by the 18th-century composer Domenico Zipoli that had crossed the Atlantic and most of South America, only to be stuffed into a box for three centuries in a derelict jungle church where humidity had taken its toll.

The New York Times

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