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Les 10 meilleurs rappeurs au Sénégal

La scène rap sénégalaise s'est renouvelée de façon spectaculaire ces dernières années. De nouveaux loups aux dents longues se sont frayés un chemin jusqu'au sommet.

Music In Africa

Tu Pum Pum: Why Did the Media Declare the Death of Reggaeton in the Late 2000s?

Reggaeton began organically as a transformation of dancehall, hip-hop, and reggae en español. As an afro-diasporic movement, Panama, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, and New York are all pivotal landscapes in the style’s musical evolution.


A Lost Thing Finding Itself

Most elevators, in most buildings, don’t play music anymore. And yet “jazz” is probably how most people would identify the cheesy stuff known as elevator music.

The Point

How Will Rock and Roll Find Its Future?

Rock and roll never really dies. It flowers, and it withers. In its fertile periods, rock is fuel feeding cultural change.


Oscars’ Music Shortlist: 7 Song and Score Surprises

For many years, Oscar “shortlists” narrowed down the choices in a preliminary round that would eventually lead to the five nominees for original song and score.


Les origines acoustiques de la musique congolaise moderne

La musique congolaise moderne fut entièrement acoustique dès sa naissance dans les années 40 jusqu’en 1963 avec l’usage de la guitare sèche puis en 1958 avec l’adoption de la guitare «archtop» électro-acoustique, dotée d’un micro, ou guitare amplifiée.

Digital Congo

Blue Note's High Notes

In 1939, a German-Jewish immigrant (Alfred Lion) and a writer-musician-activist (Max Margulis) founded Blue Note Records, a jazz label, in New York.


One Last Note...

A celebration of important music figures we lost in 2018.

Red Bull Music Academy

Inside Tajikistan: A history of music and storytelling

Tajikistan has a rich history of music and storytelling that dates back to about a thousand years.

Al Jazeera

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