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Music the artform and artists

'She exists out of time': Umm Kulthum, Arab music's eternal star

With a voice adored by Bob Dylan, Robert Plant and millions across the Arab world, Umm Kulthum rejected gender norms with her powerful, political music. But can her 90-minute songs work in a new stage musical?

The Guardian

5 Minutes That Will Make You Love Mozart

We asked Mark Hamill, Condoleezza Rice, Mitsuko Uchida and others to pick the music that moves them. Listen to their choices.

The New York Times

Perceptions of Musical Octaves Are Learned, Not Wired in the Brain

Singing experiments with residents of the Bolivian rainforest demonstrate how biology and experience shape the way we hear music.

Quanta Magazine

Riachão, cent ans (ou presque) de samba

Un performer, qui arborait costume, casquette et mocassins blancs, chemise rouge, des bagues à chaque doigt, un chapelet de colliers et une serviette éponge autour du cou, référence à la capoeira oblige, sur scène comme à la ville.

Pan African Music

Ennio Morricone: 6 bandas sonoras inolvidables que el aclamado músico italiano creó para el cine

Con más de 500 temas musicales a lo largo de su carrera, Ennio Morricone fue uno de los compositores más influyentes de la industria del cine.


Women and singing in Somali culture

From a mother’s lullabies to work songs, folkloric dance lyrics and the famous buraanbur genre, Somali women’s sung poetry conveys messages and stories about their status in society.

Music in Africa

Mexican street musicians bring melodies to people stuck at home

After the coronavirus outbreak prompted the normally bustling streets of Mexico City to empty out, out-of-work musicians looking to make ends meet have been filling roadways with the melodies of their marimbas, trumpets and güiros.


Why Satie? Why now? How one composer embodies our time of loneliness and angst

Safe at home this spring has not necessarily meant sane at home. One antidote is a mega-dose of Erik Satie.

Los Angeles Times

Anna Netrebko, la gran cantante del siglo XXI

Ya son pocos los que pueden sostener, por haberla visto en vivo, que como Maria Callas no hubo ni habrá otra . Pero como referencia histórica, con infinitos testimonios audiovisuales y crónicas de época, la presencia de la gran soprano sigue incólume para comparar, minimizar, disminuir o, peor aún, denostar a quienes osen ocupar ese sitial sagrado que la historia y las leyendas le han otorgado.

La Nación

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