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Music the artform and artists

The radical Augusta Holmès: History’s forgotten composer

From Black heroes like the “Hidden Figures,” who helped accelerate the Space Race, to Matthew Henson, the actual first man to reach the North Pole, culture tends to focus its energy on those who are most like those in places of influence and power — typically men, and typically white men.


Revisiting five legendary African songs that made music history

From Egypt to South Africa, The Africa Report invites readers to rediscover five legendary music hits that will never fade away...

The Africa Report

Largest wind instrument

For more than a year, the Golden Gate Bridge has been making an ethereal humming sound on windy days that has aggravated neighbors, charmed fans and sparked countless jokes.

The Guardian

Comment A. R. Rahman a-t-il révolutionné la musique de Bollywood

Si nous oublions l’anthropologie, il existe un lien émotionnel transcendantal avec toute forme de musique.


Música Zoque es inmortalizada a través de videos en YouTube

Los integrantes del Colectivo plantearon la necesidad de grabar su música pues se encuentra en constante perdida, asimismo, buscaron una forma de renovarse, ya que el aprendizaje de las nuevas generaciones se da a través de la tecnología.

Chiapas Paralelo

Nigeria: Afrobeats’ unpaid debt to highlife’s Crosdale Juba

Contemporary Nigerian music in its present incarnation owes a lot to highlife- the popular West African dance music in the post-colonial era of the 1960s. Case in point: Crosdale Juba, Ikale’s great trumpeter.

The Africa Report

Kazakhstan Celebrates 115th Anniversary of First Kazakh Waltz Author

Kazakhstan celebrates the 115th birthday anniversary of Latif Khamidi, composer, educator, the co-author of first Kazakh anthem (1945), People’s Artist of Kazakhstan and laureate of the Kazakh State Prize.

Astana Times

A Queen of 19th-Century Opera Gets New Attention

Pauline Viardot, born 200 years ago this weekend, was a famous singer, as well as a composer whose music is being salvaged from obscurity.

The New York Times

La cumbia, phénomène interplanétaire venu de Colombie

Difficile de résister à cette musique et danse née en Colombie à l’intersection de multiples influences, qui s’est réinventée depuis les années 1990.

Courrier International

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