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Music the artform and artists

La música latina podría sonar muy diferente en 2021

No es secreto que la música latina, en específico la urbana, domina en las listas de reproducciones y no solo reina en América Latina, sino más allá de nuestro continente.


What Is Asian American Music, Really?

Seeking more than representation, a critic tries to make sense of a fragmented, disparate musical tradition.


From Hardcore to Harajuku

To understand the origins of the scene, we need to look at the history of its parent subculture: emo. Despite emo music originating from the mid-’80s’ Washington D.C. hardcore scene, the earliest signs of the emo subculture were seen around San Diego in the mid-’90s, with emo and screamo bands like Heroin, Antioch Arrow, and Swing Kids.

Pop Matters

Desi on the Dancefloor

Filmed across several months, the documentary primarily follows the story of Kotwani and Anu as she comes to India on tour and visits the country for the first time, and features interviews with other women artists in the Indian scene, touching on themes of mental health, spirituality, overcoming racial and patriarchal prejudice and the impact music has had on their lives.

Fact Mag

La musique saharienne d’Algérie

La musique saharienne nous remémore l’époque des caravanes qui traversaient le désert d’est en ouest et inversement pour un commerce transfrontalier.

Music in Africa

Breve historia del rap

El rap llegó en los ochenta para cambiarlo todo. Este estilo, enmarcado en la cultura del hip hop, surgió a finales de la década de 1970 en los barrios más marginales de Nueva York como una derivación del funk, y su aparición significó una verdadera revelación en el mundo de la música.

Los 40

The story of morna: Cape Verde’s music of displacement and return

How a music shaped by slavery, epidemics, famine and mass migration travelled the world, narrating stories of suffering and resistance.

Al Jazeera

How Roblox Sparked a Chaotic Music Scene

Players can customize their own worlds on the platform. Many illegally upload songs — called “bypassing audio” — and some make intense tracks in a new genre, robloxcore.

The New York Times

How Did They Make That?

The process of making musical instrument is generally out of the public eye, and there’s often a mystique about how those particular tools-of-the-trade are created.

San Francisco Classical Voice

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