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Music the artform and artists

Kawina, coups d’état et soul en sranan : petite histoire de la musique du Suriname

En 2020, alors que la population surinamaise parvenait finalement à chasser le président Bouterse après un règne d’une décennie, elle célébrait dans le même temps les 45 ans d’indépendance de sa république. L’occasion pour PAM de remonter à l’origine de la musique du pays, façonnée par une intense agitation politique.

Pan African Music

El lado B que también es el lado A: Pioneras de la música electrónica en América Latina

Históricamente la esfera pública ha sido vedada a las mujeres, por ello su participación en la historia de la música, en general, y de la electrónica puntualmente sigue llena de omisiones.

Visiones Sonoras

‘It didn’t adhere to any of the rules’: the fascinating history of free jazz

Given the revolutionary nature of the music, it’s no surprise that many in the field greeted it with such disdain.

The Guardian

10 incredible 20th-century classical works that would change music forever

20th-century music is defined by new, innovative approaches to tone and instrumentation, as much as it is by composers and musicians seeking the most melodious, comforting music possible to try to express human emotion and meaning in a fast-changing and increasingly mechanised world.

Classic FM

Alèmayèhu Eshèté

The singer and songwriter Alèmayèhu Eshèté, who has died aged 80, was one of the stars of the “golden age” of Ethiopian music in the 1960s and early 70s – and then became a cult hero for many western musicians after his music was included in the influential Éthiopiques CD series.

The Guardian

Michael Chapman, six cordes à son art

«It Didn’t Work Out», tout a foiré. Le premier titre de son premier album, le formidable Rainmaker, adoré de son ami David Bowie, aurait pu être un mauvais présage pour la carrière de Michael Chapman.


Theremín: ¿es este el instrumento musical más extraño jamás inventado?

Inventado hace 100 años, el primer instrumento electrónico del mundo inspiró el surgimiento de la tecnología de sonido que llevó a Robert Moog a crear el sintetizador moderno, transformando el panorama musical desde entonces.


The radical Augusta Holmès: History’s forgotten composer

From Black heroes like the “Hidden Figures,” who helped accelerate the Space Race, to Matthew Henson, the actual first man to reach the North Pole, culture tends to focus its energy on those who are most like those in places of influence and power — typically men, and typically white men.


Revisiting five legendary African songs that made music history

From Egypt to South Africa, The Africa Report invites readers to rediscover five legendary music hits that will never fade away...

The Africa Report

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