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Music the artform and artists

Why Should We Listen to Old Recordings (or Any Recordings for That Matter)?

How bad is the sound of old recordings? Despite the best technology available today, I will grant that it is often impossible to eliminate all the scratches and hisses and other obnoxious superfluous noises on many old recordings without compromising the sound of the music itself.

The Nightingale’s Sonata

Iannis Xenakis, compositeur et architecte, pionnier de la musique électronique

Il mettait des mathématiques dans la musique... Iannis Xenakis, compositeur disciple de Messiaen et de Le Corbusier, se mit “en quête de l’inouï”.


Rockberto, el genio olvidado del rock español de los ochenta

Cantó el Borriquito de Peret por las calles de Holanda. Vivió en una comuna en Málaga. Viajó en furgoneta con Camarón y Kiko Veneno para promocionar la autonomía andaluza a principios de los ochenta.

El País

Remembering Bollywood Music Legend Lata Mangeshkar

One of the most famous singers in Indian history, Mangeshkar soundtracked hundreds of films.


A new crop of South Asians is redefining the UK's underground music scene

Toppling the very structures that have so far alienated them from mainstream clubs, UK's inclusive collectives are building robust communities on the back of a unique culture of sound.


Fleetwood Mac: after its 926 weeks on the chart, who’s still buying Rumours?

As it turns 45, the drug-fuelled breakup classic is outselling almost everyone on vinyl thanks to its frank songwriting, enduring virality and the patronage of Harry Styles.

The Guardian

7 Arab Hip-Hop Artists Egyptians Should Pay More Attention To

The hip-hop scene seems to be most dominant in Egypt, with singers such as Marwan Moussa, Wegz, and other artists topping the Spotify wrapped status. However, long before these artists were in the picture – as far back as 12 years ago – the hip-hop scene was flourishing in other countries in the MENA region.

Egyptian Streets

La Rumba congolaise, la musique de l'indépendance (et de la SAPE)

La rumba congolaise a intégré le patrimoine immatériel de l’humanité fin 2021 : le signe de l’importance de ce style musical dans l’histoire des musiques mondiales. Ses chants en lingala, ses guitares électriques et ses "rois de la SAPE” ont marqué le XXe siècle.

France Musique

Janis Joplin: una voz prodigiosa, una vida corta marcada por los excesos y un legado que se mantiene intacto

La maravillosa y breve vida de Janis Joplin ocurrió allá lejos y hace tiempo. Pero su figura se convirtió en mito casi en el mismo momento de su muerte. Acaso, por su importante contribución musical.

La Nación

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