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IMC on Pura Mestiza Magazine

Talking with Silja Fischer, Secretary General of the International Music Council.

Pura Mestiza

Will Hanoi be the next music capital of Asia?

On the shores of Dong Mo Lake, about 40 kilometers east of Hanoi, sequined dancers twirl with ribbons, while guitarists perform intimate concerts on rafts.


Can't Prog Rock Get Any Respect Around Here?

"Here is musical sterility at its pinnacle. A band that has absolutely no soul, no feeling in the music," critic Lester Bangs declared in 1975. The target of his derision? The British progressive-rock group Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

The Guardian

The Unfinished Work of Alan Lomax’s Global Jukebox

There’s a fundamental contradiction to the life and work of Alan Lomax, the prolific collector of American folk songs. He encouraged Western audiences to appreciate rural and indigenous traditions as true art, on the same level as classical music.

The New York Times

Dans l’ombre du micro, la retransmission d’un opéra

Savez-vous quelle armée s’anime à chaque fois que vous ouvrez votre poste de radio pour écouter un opéra ? Direction les coulisses, à la découverte des techniciens, ingénieurs, musiciens metteurs en ondes, et autres chargés de réalisation qui accomplissent ce petit miracle secret.

France Musique

Never heard of skiffle?

Most people with even a cursory interest in popular music could name the king of rock 'n' roll and the king of pop, but ask them who the king of skiffle was and you might get a blank stare, perhaps followed by a query: What's skiffle?

Dallas News

Classical music's blurred boundaries

The ‘classical music’ label is proving outdated for many of today’s creative artists who thrive on the ever-decreasing gap between the art form and other music genres.


The Greatest Music Festival in History

The idea for Monterey Pop, a model for subsequent rock music festivals from Woodstock to Bonnaroo, emerged from a conversation in early 1967 among Paul McCartney, the record producer Lou Adler and the folk rock band the Mamas and the Papas.

The New York Times

Musique Concrète – Pioneering Electronic Music

During World War Two the first tape recorder was used by the Nazi propaganda machine to broadcast material edited using a dextrous razor blade.

Sound Matters

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