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Stalker Festival at Kultuurikatel opens a gate to the power plant

In today’s Kultuurikatel Andrei Tarkovski filmed the key scene of his cult movie „Stalker“ – entering the zone. The gate of the zone was the threshold into a mystical world where a person could fulfil his most hidden wishes. This symbol of the stalker or the adventurous seeker lives on in Kultuurikatel as Stalker Festival, where the visitor will experience unexpected situations, sense the presence of the future and feel the special atmosphere of the power plant of adventurous culture.


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Julien Weiss Discusses Traditional and Contemporary Arab Music

In 1976, a 23-year-old French classical guitarist listened to a record of classical Arab music, fell in love with it, and dedicated the rest of his life to studying this art. Born and raised in Paris, Julien Weiss, of Swiss and Alsatian heritage, has become one of the few accomplishedqanun players in the world, having studied with masters from throughout the Arab world.


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Iraqi Traditional Music Revisited in a War Era

As Iraq makes daily news coverage for the rapidly progressing political events many are concerned about the preservation of traditional Iraqi arts. Among them is the uniquely Iraqi music genre called Maqam Baghdadi, a style of singing distinguished from the rest of the Arab World in the performance, composition, and instrumentation.


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Creating their own music

The British Library was alive with noise on a quiet Sunday morning, with the children waiting for Jessica Morwood and Daniel Ship’s arrival. Almost 25 excited children from the age of seven to 12 were brought in by young parents willing to sacrifice their Sunday morning, while their wards were given an overview of unusual musical instruments from different countries and were taught how musical sound is made.


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Celebrating Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music’s 50th Season

“Thank you, celli,” Marin Alsop said in her understated way when she finally took the podium at the penultimate concert of the Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music’s 50th season. Somehow it felt entirely appropriate at this festival, which is unconventional in so many other ways, that the cello section had interrupted the orchestra’s tuning by barging onstage wearing party hats and blowing party favors, with a banner marking the anniversary.


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George Michael makes pop history at Paris Opera

PARIS (AP) — Singer George Michael has become the first international popstar to perform in Paris' Opera Garnier, a venue more known as a stage for classical music and opera.


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Where Has The Music Loving Feeling Gone?

As technology becomes an ever increasing part of our daily lives, the way we interact with the things we label as entertainment evolve as well. Whether substituting regular cable for Netflix or curating a coveted music playlist with Spotify, the consumer is consciously changing the way companies market to them.


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Music Made By Musicians AND The Audience

It’s one thing to recognize, in these days of celebrity Twitter feeds and Reddit interviews, the rapid disappearance of the “fourth wall” that traditionally separated performers from audience members. It’s another to transform a live audience into an electronic symphony, using physical wires to connect individuals and create new music on the fly.


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BT River of Music, Africa and Americas stages – review

London Pleasure Gardens was a curiously bleak location for an ambitious pre-Olympic celebration: a gravel wasteland alongside an abandoned flour mill on the river's edge. It looked more like the set of a gritty movie than a concert site, but this was the Africa stage of the two-day BT River of Music, a festival involving artists from 204 countries in six concerts along the River Thames.


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