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Where will Malaysia’s next big music star come from?

Have you ever wondered how some of Malaysia's biggest music artistes were discovered? Here are a few examples.

Asia One

Electronic music in Africa

Electronic music in Africa has experienced an explosion in recent times, with many musicians on the continent opting to go the electro route.

Music in Africa

How the Silence Makes the Music

A brief, incomplete, very quiet guide to the history of music’s negative spaces.

The New York Times

The evolution of a muffled minority: viola players throughout history

Viola players are to violinists what Belgians are to French: (very pleasant) neighbours which we love to make fun of.


Mercedes Sosa, la voix de l’Amérique latine

Il y a dix ans disparaissait l’une des figures musicales majeures de l’Amérique latine : la chanteuse Mercedes Sosa, reconnue pour sa voix autant que pour ses engagements.

France Musique

Imaginary Landscapes: The turntable as instrument

Exploring radical turntablism in experimental music with Shiva Feshareki, Haroon Mirza, Philip Jeck and more.

The Vinyl Factory

Miles Davis and John Coltrane – Yin and Yang

How did John Coltrane and Miles Davis get on? The odd couple, with contrasting personalities on and off the bandstand. But together the music they produced was peerless.

Jazzwise Magazine

Inside Dubai’s rapidly growing hip-hop scene

Local artists are starting to make waves, here’s why you need to take notice.

Time Out Dubai

Control Freaks: Why Composers Are Experimenting With Putting Audiences in Headphones

Can wearing headphones enhance a live concert experience? Some composers and presenters believe so and have been experimenting with the pros and cons of outfitting live audiences with headphones.

San Francisco Classical Voice

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