Music the artform and artists

Peret, the musical genius who gave us the Rumba Catalana

Long before the Gypsy Kings, there was Peret.


14 Artists Who Are Transforming The Future Of Opera

There are singers, directors, composers and those who roam the spaces in between.

Huffington Post

Taking The Tuba Above And Beyond The Low End

Stewart's idea was to take the tuba beyond its Dixieland roots, where it was the original bass instrument.


Jazz et altitude

Ou comment le jazz atteint des sommets, dès qu'il parle de l'altitude.

France Musique

‘Opera Olympics’ returns to Los Angeles

Plácido Domingo's Operalia competition showcases the best young talent in opera from around the world.

The Telegraph

Who's Thinking About Retirement?

The Newport Jazz Festival turns 60. Even though Newport inspired thousands of other festivals, both jazz and otherwise, around the world, it remains a unique event in the cultural landscape.

The Wall Street Journal

Was heavy rock born 50 years ago?

The Kinks' You Really Got Me was released 50 years ago today. Was this the birth of heavy rock?

The Telegraph

Planet Opera: Japan

Japan's capital has various venues where opera is given, even if there is not a resident company.


Your artists are our artists

Festivals, especially the ones with remarkable performances, embed themselves in our memories.


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