Music the artform and artists

Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?

How a Russian Jewish lullaby turned into the anthem of the forgotten men and women of our country


The Lost Classics

A great deal is known about Greek instruments. Some archaeological remains have been found, mostly of pipes, and occasionally even of lyres.

History Today

Making opera a living art form, not a museum art form

That term “a living art form” translates into three things: new works, new artists and new audiences.


Saudi Arabias Bootleg Music Shops

Saudi’s cassette shops had a distinctive smell, of scorched plastic and desert dust.


Kendrick Lamar, premier rappeur à remporter le prix Pulitzer de musique

L'Américain, considéré comme le porte-parole de la communauté Afro-américaine, a reçu la récompense pour son album DAMN. Une première pour un artiste hors musique classique ou jazz.

Le Figaro

Separated by the war, reunited by music: Syrian troupe keeps heritage alive

A troupe of musicians separated by the Syrian civil war is carrying on the Arab musical heritage through concerts performed in their new Jordanian home.


Janka Nabay: musical evangelist who took bubu to the world

Janka Nabay, who has died aged 54, first gave solace to war-torn Sierra Leone by updating the country’s traditional bubu music – then unleashed it on to global dancefloors.

The Guardian

Giving Classical the Boot(leg): A Brief History of Illicit Recording

For certain music enthusiasts, of all concert souvenirs, the bootleg recording is the most covetable.


When the Student Became the Master

Coltrane was the same age as Miles—both were born in 1926—but he was clearly the subordinate in this relationship. Miles, an extraordinary scout of talent, plucked him out of obscurity, from a club in Philadelphia in 1955, to join what came to be called the “classic quintet.”


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