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Top Naija Afrobeats songs of 2020

The Nigerian Afrobeats scene has witnessed a surge in worldwide following. This is expected to get even bigger in 2020 as Nigerian artists continue to release banging dance hits.

Music in Africa

Gharanas, the anchor of Hindustani music spawned by Mughal decline

The origin of the gharana tradition is traced back to the time when the Mughal empire was at its twilight, and art and culture of the court, disintegrated to find new homes in the princely states.

The Indian Express

Where to Start With the Essential Jazz and Soul of Mainstream Records

From 1964 to 1978, Mainstream Records served as a hub for jazz and soul musicians who never quite achieved mainstream prominence.


Le pouvoir expressif et affectif des tonalités

Depuis la musique modale de la Grèce antique et à travers l’histoire de la musique classique, les différentes tonalités musicales expriment prétendument des sentiments uniques de manière innée.

France Musique

La música en español dio un salto sin precedentes en 2018 gracias a la canción 'Despacito'

Partiendo del contexto de la panlatinidad del siglo XIX, Eduardo Viñuela presta especial atención al desarrollo del pop en las últimas décadas, en especial en el 'boom latino' de los años noventa.

Europa Press

How Wagner Shaped Hollywood

The composer has infiltrated every phase of movie history, from silent pictures to superhero blockbusters.

The New Yorker

Here Is the Wild as Hell Story Behind ‘Lambada,’ a Cultural Shift Forgotten in Time

In 2020, “Lambada” seems like little more than a bleep in pop culture history; it’s hard to picture the massive worldwide phenomenon it was.


5 Ghanaian female artists to watch

Ghana is constantly bubbling with an ever-growing list of gifted female acts staking their claim as successors to the country’s current pop pillars.

Music in Africa

Start Here: Your Guide To Getting Into K-Pop

If Top 40 in America wanted solo singers so soft every breath was caught on mic over a mid-tempo chorus, K-pop appeared to offer a genre-less alternative: constant stimulation, euphoria delivered in eight to 10 melodies and fantastical harmonies in a single track.


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