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How Was Musical Notation Invented?

Imagine a piece of music. No, not the music, but the written score or sheet.


John Coltrane: Beyond the Holy Mountain

This month marks the 50th anniversary of the passing of John Coltrane, one of the true musical giants of the 20th century whose monumental legacy casts a considerable shadow across jazz and out into the wider artistic world.

Jazzwise Magazine

A Kinshasa, la symphonie de la débrouille

En république démocratique du Congo, bastion de la rumba et des tubes de Céline Dion, le seul orchestre philharmonique d’Afrique subsaharienne parvient à faire vivre le répertoire classique depuis 1994.


The Music of Time: Angelic Choirs and Devilish Voices

It is not just the Christian musical tradition that has struggled to differentiate between the sacred and the profane.

History Today

The Average Hit Song Has 4+ Writers and 6 Different Publishers

Want to create a hit song that will get you on the Billboard Top 10? Then you’re gonna need a committee.

Digital Music News

IMC on Pura Mestiza Magazine

Talking with Silja Fischer, Secretary General of the International Music Council.

Pura Mestiza

Will Hanoi be the next music capital of Asia?

On the shores of Dong Mo Lake, about 40 kilometers east of Hanoi, sequined dancers twirl with ribbons, while guitarists perform intimate concerts on rafts.


Can't Prog Rock Get Any Respect Around Here?

"Here is musical sterility at its pinnacle. A band that has absolutely no soul, no feeling in the music," critic Lester Bangs declared in 1975. The target of his derision? The British progressive-rock group Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

The Guardian

The Unfinished Work of Alan Lomax’s Global Jukebox

There’s a fundamental contradiction to the life and work of Alan Lomax, the prolific collector of American folk songs. He encouraged Western audiences to appreciate rural and indigenous traditions as true art, on the same level as classical music.

The New York Times

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