Music the artform and artists

Imaginary Landscapes: The turntable as instrument

Exploring radical turntablism in experimental music with Shiva Feshareki, Haroon Mirza, Philip Jeck and more.

The Vinyl Factory

Miles Davis and John Coltrane – Yin and Yang

How did John Coltrane and Miles Davis get on? The odd couple, with contrasting personalities on and off the bandstand. But together the music they produced was peerless.

Jazzwise Magazine

Inside Dubai’s rapidly growing hip-hop scene

Local artists are starting to make waves, here’s why you need to take notice.

Time Out Dubai

Control Freaks: Why Composers Are Experimenting With Putting Audiences in Headphones

Can wearing headphones enhance a live concert experience? Some composers and presenters believe so and have been experimenting with the pros and cons of outfitting live audiences with headphones.

San Francisco Classical Voice

How our African ancestors made sound in the Stone Age

There’s been very little research on the role of sound production during the Stone Age. That’s very surprising since we know that the latter part of this period was an important one for the development of complex cognition, symbolic expression and social dynamics among human ancestors.

The Conversation

Le Brésil, la Musique et le Monde

Au début des années 70, Tom Jobim vit alors entre les Etats-Unis et le Brésil. Quant à Gilberto Gil et Caetano Veloso ils sont encore en exil à Londres. Plusieurs amis brésiliens de passage leur rendent visite. Dont Roberto Carlos qui bouleverse Caetano.

France Musique

Alan Lomax and the Search for the Origins of Music

Ethnomusicology was initially the creation of a small number of men and women, mostly European and North American, who were trying to make sense of the growing number of recordings of music from non-Western cultures that were being made in the field, first on wax cylinders and then on shellac records at the dawn of the 20th century.


‘People who love life and music’ — dance parties return to Baghdad

It was a heady mix of Baghdad’s burgeoning subcultures: bikers, gamers, EDM enthusiasts. What most had in common was they’d never been to a party like this in Iraq.

Arab News

10 of Canto-pop's original stars

Canto-pop is not just loved by Hongkongers but also throughout Chinese-speaking communities worldwide since the sound began to take off in the 1970s.

Asia One

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