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New music's quality problem

Whenever I come across a new music community post about the so-called "audience problem," I think to myself: isn't that a little entitled?

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Maroc:Le chantre de la musique amazighe n'est plus

La scène musicale marocaine est en deuil. En effet, la légende de la chanson amazighe moderne, Abdelaziz Chamkh, qui était hospitalisé à l'hôpital militaire de Rabat, est décédé, vendredi dernier, à l'âge de 63 ans.

All Africa

What makes a great composer?

There's no science of ranking composers, and that it's all individual choice guided by social consensus. But is all that guides us really just a fear of looking silly at a dinner party?

The Telegraph

Zimbabwe: New Faces of Mbira Music

The local mbira sector is characterised by traditionalist and elders who are out to preserve the local culture through music.

All Africa

India's electronic music scene

This may be the biggest year yet for Indian electronic music.

The Guardian

Young, Rich and Ruling Radio, Country Walks a Broader Line

On the radio, it has displaced Top 40 as America's most popular musical format.

The New York Times

No Time for a Symphony? Try a Ringtone

In one corner: the symphony, grand opera and string quartet. In the opposite: viral videos, news snacking and Twitter's 140 characters.


Jazz Audience Development: The Gender Factor

Somehow the music continues to attract future generations of players. The biggest issue remains the need to develop the jazz audience, to produce new generations of listener/consumers to meet the supply of the musicians who continue to grow the ranks of jazz players.

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I was a player in the global Internet orchestra

Any minute, this group of strangers, most of whom have never met, will begin playing in front of a live audience we cannot see. We're the Global Net Orchestra. And I have no idea what I'm doing.

The Daily Dot

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