Music industry

Call for major record labels to change for digital age

Over the past 20 years the music industry has had to deal with plummeting CD sales, online piracy and new ways of listening to music via the internet.


UK Police Intellectual Property Goes Global

A ground-breaking initiative led by the new Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) to target websites providing unauthorised access to copyrighted content has shown an immediate global impact.


The Cost of Free

When it comes to recorded music, today's consumers enjoy a free ride and seem to have all the answers. Song sharing is there for the taking and, in any case, the old music sales model is archaic.

Music Think Tank

Shifting Sources of Artist Income: 1999-2012

If artists make more than three times the percentage from concerts as they do from recordings, does it matter if people are stealing their recordings? Or, is that just a label problem?

Digital Music News

Album sales are declining, but it's part of the battle between art and commerce

It may seem like the end of days as people download individual tracks. But these changes are what push pop forward.

The Guardian

Serbian buyers to pay music tax on computer devices?

For every computer or cell phone buyers will have to pay music tax, if the Draft Law on Copyright and Related Rights is adopted, and the Government of Serbia adds them to the list of audio-visual equipment.


The Next Big Thing You Missed: ‘Eternal Kickstarter’ Reinvents Indie Art

The idea came to Jack Conte at the nadir of his financial and artistic desperation. The bearded half of indie-rock duo Pomplamoose had just maxed out his credit cards after plowing way too much money into his latest solo music video.


Crowdfunding the arts in South Africa

Money for a Monteverdi melody, and Bach for their buck. The Cape Consort is a Cape Town-based ensemble in search of investment to help them put on a concert.

Africa Review

Researcher shows music industry building walls to limit data

Major record labels have capitalized on iTunes to maintain the same advantages that they held previously through physical media distribution networks.

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